06:15:10 <ildikov> #startmeeting promise
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06:15:23 <ildikov> #info Ildiko Vancsa
06:15:32 <ildikov> #topic Implementation status
06:15:58 <ildikov> #info workflow is in place for demo
06:16:13 <ildikov> #info capacity management is checked through quotas
06:17:14 <ildikov> #info in Promise we have ResourcePool entries
06:19:32 <ildikov> #info We can now handle rsource projections and we can handle negative capavities to handle for instance maintenance windows
06:21:23 <ildikov> #info Ashiq asks about how to handle reservations based on resources as opposed to quotas
06:21:56 <ildikov> #info reservations are currently quite generic
06:27:22 <ildikov> #info seven primary interfaces shoul dbe completed this week
06:28:49 <ildikov> #info after having the models in place we can work on how the reservation system will look like and integrate it with OpenStack
06:29:53 <ildikov> #info preparation for OPNFV Summit is priority
06:30:25 <ildikov> #info Gerald asks about the diagrams and the sprint content
06:31:52 <ildikov> #info the information is still in the files on Github: schema and the yang source file
06:33:49 <ildikov> #info Peter will create drawings to cover the request for providing diagrams
06:37:18 <ildikov> #topic Sprint status
06:37:47 <ildikov> #info integration with OpenStack will start soon
06:38:17 <ildikov> #info Bertrand is helping out with the alignment to ETSI NFV
06:41:17 <ildikov> #info clarifying parameters around reservation like expire time and end time
06:43:37 <ildikov> #info Arturo states that end time is informative element only
06:44:08 <ildikov> #info we need to clarify further the parameters we are using
06:44:48 <ildikov> #info start and end time is currently part of the reservation request and expiry is moved to policy, but it can be moved back
06:50:16 <ildikov> #info we need to clarify the details regarding how to make the reservation calls to have all the parameters in place, in this sense we are going top down and into more details
06:53:38 <ildikov> #info we need to prepare to the summit regarding planning discussions
06:54:16 <ildikov> #info we need to set up goals, what we would like to achieve as a take away from the summit besides the presentations and demos
06:54:30 <ildikov> #info team objective needs to be worked out
06:56:12 <ildikov> #info sign up for the demo theatre is open, we need to prepare for that
06:56:39 <ildikov> #info plan to have break out sessions during the summit to engage with the community further
06:57:50 <ildikov> #info we want to use Promise with OpenStack in the demo
07:04:43 <ildikov> #info prepare to the OpenStack Sumit to be able to discuss the requirements for OpenStack
07:06:34 <Ashiq_> #info lets prepare technically for what we need from OpenStack for Promise before the Tokyo summit.
07:07:12 <ildikov> #info check the OpenStack product working group activities regarding capacity management and their reservation requirements
07:09:19 <ildikov> #chair ArturoM
07:09:19 <collabot> Current chairs: ArturoM ildikov
07:09:26 <ildikov> #chair Ashiq_
07:09:26 <collabot> Current chairs: ArturoM Ashiq_ ildikov
07:11:06 <Ashiq_> #info current timeline is there would be a demo available with live OpenStack in the OPNFV summit in Nov.
07:15:54 <ildikov> #endmeeting