10:31:06 <r-mibu> #startmeeting promise
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10:31:26 <r-mibu> #topic hackfest report
10:33:07 <r-mibu> #info there was not enough participants at the venue
10:33:59 <r-mibu> #info one form nokia shows interest in promise, and ildiko shared all the detail of promise project
10:34:47 <r-mibu> #chair ildikov ArturoM
10:34:47 <collabot> Current chairs: ArturoM ildikov r-mibu
10:35:28 <ildikov> #info plan to sync people at the upcoming OpenStack Summit
10:35:47 <ildikov> #topic resource coverage on the project
10:37:53 <ildikov> #info Ildiko has limited availability
10:38:44 <ildikov> #info we are all working on having more people on board from the currently involved companies and also get more companies interested
10:39:02 <ildikov> #topic way forward in high level
10:39:57 <ildikov> #info Should we go on with resource reservation without the Nova scheduler available or try to start with more capacity planning and prioritization of VNFs?
10:40:23 <ildikov> #info We plan to do some more gap analysis and move to development phase as soon as possible.
10:40:55 <ildikov> #info Plans should be ready by the next OpenStack Summit
10:42:38 <ildikov> #action ildikov to start planning with the team and on the mailing list
10:43:32 <ildikov> #info Try to get as much work done in Blazar before the OpenStack Summit as possible to show progress
10:45:40 <ildikov> #topic AOB
10:46:12 <ildikov> #info Arturo is working on the ETSI NFV analysis, we plan to discuss it on the next meeting
10:47:43 <r-mibu> #endmeeting