13:03:05 <bertys> #startmeeting Promise
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13:03:16 <masahito> hi
13:03:47 <shintaro> hi all
13:04:02 <bertys> hi
13:04:29 <bertys> #topic Roll Call
13:04:37 <bertys> #info Bertrand Souville
13:04:53 <masahito> mainly use voice chat?
13:05:04 <masahito> or irc?
13:05:14 <shintaro> #info Shintaro Mizuno
13:05:31 <cgoncalves> #info Carlos Goncalves
13:05:42 <bertys> masahito: We use irc to take some notes
13:05:45 <masahito> #info Masahito Muroi
13:05:49 <bertys> #chair cgoncalves
13:05:49 <collabot`> Current chairs: bertys cgoncalves
13:09:16 <tojuvone> #info Tomi Juvonen
13:13:09 <bertys> #topic Poc implementation
13:17:05 <shintaro> The concept of the PoC is to reserve the whole "host" by using host-aggregate feature of Nova.
13:18:45 <shintaro> The reserved host will be isolated into a pre-defined "host-aggregate(group of hosts)" so that no one can deploy VMs onto the host
13:20:37 <shintaro> The operator then creates a "flavor (OpenStack nova flavor)" which allows the user to deploy VM to the host-aggregate.
13:22:05 <shintaro> Then operator grants the user to use the flavor in the resereved timeslot.
13:22:41 <shintaro> The user creates VMs using the flavor to use the reserved host(s).
13:25:12 <shintaro> In this PoC, we assume the user to be VNFM and the operator to be NFVO
13:28:06 <bertys> In this PoC, reservation id = flavor id (generated by Nova)
13:41:17 <shintaro> You can also make (as an option) reserved host-aggregate open to anyone until the associate step(step2). At the time of the associate step, every VMs on the host-aggregate will be deleted.
14:02:55 <bertys> Sorry, another OPNFV meeting just started
14:03:41 <shintaro> I hope everyone got the idea.
14:03:49 <masahito> sorry, slow presentation :-/
14:04:38 <shintaro> This is just a simple concept demo to show what you can do with the current OpenStack features.
14:04:47 <bertys> masahito: thanks for presentation and demo
14:04:49 <tojuvone> np, I think we had the basic idea while could have been things to be discussed
14:06:39 <shintaro> so, are we ending the meeting?
14:06:59 <bertys> shintaro: yes, thanks for taking some notes
14:07:04 <bertys> #endmeeting