13:00:00 <morgan_orange> #startmeeting Functest weekly meeting 29th Sept
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13:00:06 <morgan_orange> #info Morgan Richomme
13:00:25 <viktor_nokia> #info Viktor Tikkanen
13:00:40 <juhak> #info Juha Kosonen
13:00:42 <morgan_orange> hello and welcome viktor_nokia juhak
13:00:51 <jose_lausuch> #info Jose Lausuch
13:01:10 <morgan_orange> #info agenda https://wiki.opnfv.org/functest_meeting
13:01:20 <guy_rodrigue> #info  Guy Rodrigue
13:01:27 <morgan_orange> #topic action points
13:01:32 <pbandzi_> #info Peter Bandzi
13:01:39 <morgan_orange> #link http://ircbot.wl.linuxfoundation.org/meetings/opnfv-testperf/2015/opnfv-testperf.2015-09-22-16.00.html
13:01:54 <morgan_orange> #info doc updated ready for SR1
13:02:08 <morgan_orange> #info discussions on POD use initiated on the mailing list
13:02:30 <morgan_orange> #info wiki page to reference ODL testcases still to be created but pbandzi_ and jose_lausuch very busy with SR1
13:02:38 <morgan_orange> before jumping into the agenda
13:02:56 <morgan_orange> #info 4 new contributors, +9 for every one
13:03:02 <pbandzi_> morgan_orange for ODL tests I can update wiki
13:03:33 <morgan_orange> #action contact aricg- to officially add juhak and viktor_nokia (2 Huawei contributors already added)
13:03:51 <morgan_orange> pbandzi_: OK we will rediscuss on topic R2
13:03:58 <morgan_orange> #topic SR1
13:04:19 <jose_lausuch> things are burining in SR1 :p
13:04:32 <morgan_orange> I can info that :)
13:04:35 <jose_lausuch> no please
13:04:39 <morgan_orange> #info thinks are burning in SR1
13:04:39 <jose_lausuch> at least not in my name :p
13:04:45 <jose_lausuch> haha
13:04:47 <morgan_orange> it is my name
13:05:01 <morgan_orange> yesteday discussion on the procedure to officially release
13:05:19 <morgan_orange> majority agrees on the need to have at least 2 days of stable run in CI
13:05:28 <jose_lausuch> #info decided to keep the original plan of having 2 days of stable run in CI
13:05:29 <morgan_orange> assuming that the code was frozen
13:05:39 <jose_lausuch> #info still to be discussed in the TSC call
13:05:50 <morgan_orange> and...last night foreman deploy/test OK but fuel failed
13:05:51 <jose_lausuch> #info the timar has not started yet...
13:06:03 <jose_lausuch> #undo
13:06:05 <morgan_orange> so if we consider timer reset to 0..
13:06:08 <morgan_orange> :)
13:06:15 <jose_lausuch> #info the timer has not started yet...
13:06:19 <jose_lausuch> shit
13:06:25 <jose_lausuch> whatever
13:06:32 <morgan_orange> from functest, I would say that we are almost clean
13:06:37 <jose_lausuch> yes
13:06:47 <morgan_orange> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/functest_release_1&#arno_sr0_vs_sr1
13:06:59 <jose_lausuch> #info wiki updated with test comparison results from SR0 vs SR1
13:07:04 <jose_lausuch> oops, you did already :)
13:07:04 <morgan_orange> but as usual the last miles are difficult not because of one single project but due to integration....
13:07:29 <jose_lausuch> genesis guys are working hard on fixing this
13:07:31 <morgan_orange> #info ODL test suite fixed by pbandzi_
13:07:52 <morgan_orange> #info results a little bit better than for SR0
13:08:03 <morgan_orange> #info at least ODL suite is now working with both installers
13:08:10 <jose_lausuch> not a big difference though..
13:08:19 <jose_lausuch> yes, thats the major thing I would say
13:08:24 <morgan_orange> yes but we did not really troubleshoot since SR0
13:08:30 <jose_lausuch> thats right
13:08:30 <morgan_orange> so it is not really surprising
13:08:39 <jose_lausuch> but we get some nice commiters to help us now :)
13:08:44 <jose_lausuch> contributors*
13:08:50 <morgan_orange> and we had no new test cases, new testcases are planned for B release
13:08:58 <jose_lausuch> correct
13:09:07 <morgan_orange> #info juhak and viktor_nokia will help us on Rally/tempest
13:09:32 <morgan_orange> but to come back to SR1, wait and see nex deploymet, patchs have been submitted by fuel
13:09:57 <morgan_orange> we can see a big difference on vPing duration
13:10:11 <morgan_orange> with fuel it is now about 20s when it takes more than 100s with foreman
13:10:28 <jose_lausuch> yes
13:10:35 <morgan_orange> but no need to spend too much time on that assuming that foreman version will not be supported after SR1
13:10:55 <jose_lausuch> ya
13:11:05 <morgan_orange> thanks to jose_lausuchand pbandzi_ for their time for SR1...
13:11:31 <morgan_orange> #info for SR1, I am comparing stable/arno and master, I will cherry pick some files to stable
13:11:42 <morgan_orange> I think it is Ok for SR1
13:11:44 <morgan_orange> any quesiton?
13:12:15 <morgan_orange> ok
13:12:18 <morgan_orange> #topic R2
13:12:32 <jose_lausuch> nop
13:12:45 <morgan_orange> #link https://jira.opnfv.org/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=59&view=detail&selectedIssue=FUNCTEST-55
13:12:48 <jose_lausuch> is it all clear with the tagging morgan_orange?
13:13:19 <morgan_orange> jose_lausuch: I will send a mail for the cherry picking (we do not need to merge master to stable
13:13:26 <jose_lausuch> ok
13:13:29 <morgan_orange> after I palnned to follow the documented procedure of releng
13:13:52 <jose_lausuch> nice picture in JIRA, morgan :p
13:14:04 <morgan_orange> https://wiki.opnfv.org/releases/stablebranch?s[]=cherry&s[]=pick done by fdegir is clear
13:14:13 <morgan_orange> hope my git will not too rusty
13:14:33 <morgan_orange> are you all OK with the first Sprint?
13:14:45 <jose_lausuch> yes morgan_orange
13:15:16 <jose_lausuch> however, I started already some work from sprint 2 :)
13:15:39 <morgan_orange> ok it is the first time I used this board so I surely made some mistake
13:15:55 <jose_lausuch> if so, it can be corrected afterwards
13:16:04 <morgan_orange> #info Sprint 1 ODL: the goal is to select scenario from ODL to adapt them to OPNFV
13:16:42 <morgan_orange> pbandzi_: took the point (wiki page to be created) but everyone is invited to have a look...there are lots of tests...even if ODL team helped us focusing on some
13:17:11 <morgan_orange> #info Sprint 1: Onos - the goal is to have same level of testing that for ODL
13:17:27 <morgan_orange> still open quesiton on how this will be tested - dependencies ONOS - installer
13:17:36 <morgan_orange> but the test suite shall be ready
13:17:43 <jose_lausuch> installer must support onos
13:17:47 <jose_lausuch> do we have that in place already?
13:17:51 <morgan_orange> no
13:18:00 <jose_lausuch> then, how to test that?
13:18:02 <morgan_orange> Qinglong: you want to add a status on Onos testing
13:18:31 <morgan_orange> in first step I think it will be local test
13:18:49 <morgan_orange> as far as I know there is currently no deploy-<installer>-<onos>
13:18:57 <jose_lausuch> nop, not yet
13:19:28 <morgan_orange> no one working on Onos on the chan?
13:19:58 <morgan_orange> #info tempest/rally several actions for Sprint 1
13:20:18 <morgan_orange> #info Rally add SLA for each scenario => it will save time...
13:20:57 <morgan_orange> #info Tempest troubleshooting to be done (auto generation of tempest.conf => misisng parameters that could explain some issues)
13:21:22 <jose_lausuch> I want SR1 out to test that
13:21:25 <morgan_orange> #info Sprint 1, try to use the Test Result DB to collect all the results
13:21:43 <morgan_orange> jose_lausuch: yes ...
13:21:52 <morgan_orange> guy_rodrigue: some words on the test collection API?
13:22:44 <guy_rodrigue> yes
13:23:03 <guy_rodrigue> i've started to complete the schema of the database
13:23:19 <guy_rodrigue> and also
13:23:30 <morgan_orange> #info schema of database (test collection result) updated
13:23:33 <guy_rodrigue> add more filters and options to store
13:23:47 <morgan_orange> #info more filters and options to store
13:23:49 <morgan_orange> would it be OK for Sprint 1?
13:23:51 <guy_rodrigue> to provide difference betweeen tests and pods
13:23:53 <guy_rodrigue> yes
13:23:56 <morgan_orange> ok
13:24:06 <guy_rodrigue> when is it due already ?
13:24:12 <morgan_orange> #aciton guy_rodrigue push data scehma into repo to share with other test results
13:24:22 <morgan_orange> Sprint 1 ends 16th of October
13:24:28 <guy_rodrigue> great
13:24:34 <morgan_orange> it would be also great to put your unit test in the repo
13:24:41 <guy_rodrigue> also that one
13:24:43 <guy_rodrigue> :)
13:24:50 <morgan_orange> #undo
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13:24:58 <morgan_orange> #action  guy_rodrigue push data scehma into repo to share with other test results
13:25:10 <morgan_orange> #action guy_rodrigue put unit test of the API also in releng repo
13:25:39 <morgan_orange> any question on R2?
13:25:47 <jose_lausuch> no
13:26:01 <morgan_orange> clear also for new contributors?
13:26:06 <viktor_nokia> yep
13:26:14 <juhak> all clear :)
13:26:27 <morgan_orange> #topic AoB
13:26:45 <jose_lausuch> btw
13:26:47 <morgan_orange> jose_lausuch:  we will have to prepare the summit (once SR1 is done :))
13:26:58 <jose_lausuch> first try: https://hub.docker.com/r/jlausuch/opnfv-functest/
13:26:59 <morgan_orange> would you all attend the summit in November?
13:27:03 <jose_lausuch> yes
13:27:08 <viktor_nokia> no
13:27:10 <jose_lausuch> we have some presentations to perform :)
13:27:38 <juhak> no
13:28:43 <morgan_orange> #link http://opnfvstg.linuxfound.info/jsongraphpage
13:29:00 <jose_lausuch> whats the login/pwd?
13:29:05 <morgan_orange> "info proto of the dashboard by LF (last LF Sprint) based on the json file provided by Functest
13:29:18 <morgan_orange> opnfv/StagingOPNFV@
13:29:54 <morgan_orange> I prefered my try with D3js... I used jqplot for a personnal projet done in fablab (survey of bee hives)
13:30:08 <morgan_orange> but it was the first try...
13:30:16 <jose_lausuch> looks good
13:30:18 <jose_lausuch> nice graph
13:30:31 <jose_lausuch> Nb = number?
13:30:35 <jose_lausuch> yep ok
13:30:57 <morgan_orange> next steps will be to graph Temepst, rally and ODL
13:31:10 <jose_lausuch> you have to teach me how :)
13:31:14 <morgan_orange> graph will be shared with other test projects next thursday
13:31:48 <morgan_orange> easy compared to the cleaning of network env between a foreman and and a fuel deployment
13:32:05 <Qinglong> morgan_orange: deploy-<installer>-<onos>  ==> Does this mean fuel/compass?
13:32:24 <morgan_orange> Qinglong: Hi
13:32:34 <Qinglong> morgan_orange: Hi Morgan
13:32:52 <morgan_orange> I mean that in R2, assuming that ONOS has been accepted as requirement by Genesis we will have 4 installers
13:33:05 <morgan_orange> each installer shall be able to support ODL, ONOS,..
13:33:05 <jose_lausuch> 4 installers, 2 controllers (odl/onos)
13:33:09 <jose_lausuch> yes
13:33:11 <Qinglong> yes
13:33:15 <morgan_orange> so functest will have to tests the different combinations
13:33:41 <Qinglong> that's true,now the compass i have tested
13:33:45 <morgan_orange> in a short term as everything is not integrated, first test could be executed locally on compass
13:33:52 <morgan_orange> as you have already tested on compass :)
13:34:07 <Qinglong> Yes
13:34:42 <Qinglong> The scripts writed based on compass, fuel is still under working
13:35:05 <Qinglong> So I haven't tested it
13:35:26 <Qinglong> wrote...
13:35:58 <jose_lausuch> I am wondering how this is gonna end up for R2...
13:36:02 <jose_lausuch> still lot to do/support
13:36:08 <jose_lausuch> until February..
13:36:37 <jose_lausuch> if we are now (October) still testing only ONOS on Compass and manually :)
13:37:47 <morgan_orange> nothing else to add?
13:38:01 <morgan_orange> but you are right....
13:38:11 <jose_lausuch> Qinglong: do your script also would work on other installers? is it generic or using specific compass cli?
13:38:15 <morgan_orange> jose_lausuch: C milestones was on the 25th
13:38:19 <morgan_orange> of September
13:38:45 <morgan_orange> I do not know when we will have a genesis-<whatever>-<onos> in CI
13:38:53 <jose_lausuch> I mean, if we manage to have soon ONOS on Fuel, for example, would your scripts work out of the box?
13:39:00 <Qinglong> My scripts can work anywhere , it only depend on ONOS is up
13:39:05 <jose_lausuch> ok
13:39:07 <jose_lausuch> thats great
13:39:13 <jose_lausuch> because its work in advance we have
13:39:18 <jose_lausuch> very good, thanks Qinglong :)
13:40:16 <jose_lausuch> in the end, (last month before R2) it will be just integration work to cope with all the installers/controllers
13:40:36 <Qinglong> :)
13:41:08 <jose_lausuch> anything else?
13:41:20 <Qinglong> As I known , ONOS developers only working on compass&fuel
13:41:43 <Qinglong> I didn't see they work on foreman..
13:41:56 <jose_lausuch> foreman will not be needed
13:41:58 <jose_lausuch> it will be Apex
13:42:08 <morgan_orange> juhak: viktor_nokia Qinglong pbandzi_ guy_rodrigue last word?
13:42:09 <jose_lausuch> I guess Apex guys will have some hard work
13:42:15 <jose_lausuch> :)
13:42:16 <guy_rodrigue> nope
13:42:19 <pbandzi_> no :)
13:42:26 <viktor_nokia> no
13:42:28 <Qinglong> You are right
13:42:30 <Qinglong> no
13:42:30 <morgan_orange> Apex already showed the demon in August
13:42:34 <juhak> no
13:42:41 <morgan_orange> I think they are OK with ODL
13:42:52 <morgan_orange> Opencontrail is not clear for me..
13:42:53 <jose_lausuch> I mean Apex+onos
13:43:09 <morgan_orange> yes Apex + Onos, we should ask Tim :)
13:43:23 <morgan_orange> #endmeeting