09:00:31 <morgan_orange> #startmeeting Functest weekly meeting october, 13th
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09:00:36 <morgan_orange> Guten Tag
09:00:38 <jose_lausuch> just on time :)
09:00:42 <jose_lausuch> #info Jose Lausuch
09:00:43 <viktor_nokia> päivää
09:00:45 <morgan_orange> Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning Düsseldorf
09:00:47 <viktor_nokia> #info Viktor Tikkanen
09:00:50 <morgan_orange> #info Morgan Richomme
09:00:51 <jose_lausuch> :)
09:00:53 <Qinglong> #info Qinglong Lan
09:00:56 <juhak> #info Juha Kosonen
09:00:58 <pbandzi> #info Peter Bandzi
09:01:30 <jose_lausuch> lot of participants today :)
09:01:37 <morgan_orange> agenda
09:01:39 <morgan_orange> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/functest_meeting
09:01:53 <morgan_orange> #topic follow up of the action points
09:02:01 <Qinglong> This is a goo time ..
09:02:03 <guy_rodrigue> #info Guy Rodrigue Koffi
09:02:05 <morgan_orange> #link http://ircbot.wl.linuxfoundation.org/meetings/opnfv-testperf/2015/opnfv-testperf.2015-10-06-16.00.html
09:02:24 <morgan_orange> there was a point for you Qinglong
09:02:37 <morgan_orange> did you find an Onos compatible lab?
09:02:46 <morgan_orange> connected to CI?
09:03:22 <morgan_orange> for the other points
09:03:41 <morgan_orange> #info wiki page on ODL testcases to be integrated created
09:03:51 <morgan_orange> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/odl_new_test_suites
09:03:56 <Qinglong> I need to leave over for the next time , OK ?
09:03:59 <morgan_orange> we will rediscuss later witj R2
09:04:16 <jose_lausuch> great mornga
09:04:18 <jose_lausuch> morgan
09:04:20 <huhao> #info huhao
09:05:04 <morgan_orange> #info next action item was new time, seems that it is more confortable for Asian contributors
09:05:26 <jose_lausuch> pbandzi: which one did we use in opnfv?
09:05:26 <morgan_orange> #info last action item => refactoring of contributors (removing ghost) in progress
09:05:32 <jose_lausuch> from these https://github.com/opendaylight/integration-test/tree/master/csit/suites
09:06:05 <pbandzi> jose_lausuch: https://github.com/opendaylight/integration-test/tree/master/csit/suites/openstack/neutron
09:06:18 <jose_lausuch> ah yes, I see
09:06:19 <jose_lausuch> thanks
09:06:28 <morgan_orange> #topic R2
09:06:43 <jose_lausuch> morgan_orange: how are we gonna remove ghosts?
09:06:48 <pbandzi> jose_lauisch: and some othe basic restconf - i have to find
09:06:59 <morgan_orange> People already volunteered to be removed
09:07:05 <morgan_orange> then I will follow the procedure
09:07:08 <pbandzi> jose_lausuch: i think this https://github.com/opendaylight/integration-test/blob/master/csit/suites/iotdm/basic/010_Restconf_OK.robot
09:07:11 <morgan_orange> unactive contributors will be reoved
09:07:14 <jose_lausuch> ok
09:07:31 <jose_lausuch> pbandzi: ok, thats the first tests testing the rest api, thanks
09:07:31 <morgan_orange> #info Sprint 1 finishes at the end of the week
09:07:36 <morgan_orange> #link https://jira.opnfv.org/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=59
09:08:05 <morgan_orange> #info FUNCTEST-49 could be delayed (no ONOS lab available so far)
09:08:29 <Qinglong> yep, the installer still can't work well
09:08:36 <morgan_orange> pbandzi: jose_lausuch morgan_orange OK to select a pre-list of ODL testcase (FUNCTEST-54) before the end of the week....
09:08:56 <jose_lausuch> ok pbandzi
09:08:59 <pbandzi> ok
09:09:00 <jose_lausuch> sorry, morgan_orange
09:09:15 <morgan_orange> the rest of the tasks are related to the use of the test collection API
09:09:19 <jose_lausuch> for FUNCTEST 49, we can do something ugly, but it wont be 100% tested
09:09:41 <morgan_orange> #info guy_rodrigue committed a new version of the API end of last week
09:09:56 <jose_lausuch> for FUNCTEST 37, it is possible to finish it or at least to merge the first version of it
09:10:06 <morgan_orange> #info I started some doc on the API
09:10:08 <morgan_orange> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/collection_of_test_results
09:10:44 <guy_rodrigue> i've started to test swagger integration for the API
09:11:00 <jose_lausuch> morgan_orange: what you have written is at the end, right?
09:11:06 <morgan_orange> #info integration of swagger to generate accurate doc
09:11:07 <jose_lausuch> https://wiki.opnfv.org/collection_of_test_results#rest_api
09:11:13 <morgan_orange> jose_lausuch: yes
09:11:14 <jose_lausuch> maybe you can info that link instead :)
09:11:26 <morgan_orange> #undo
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09:11:29 <morgan_orange> #undo
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09:11:37 <morgan_orange> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/collection_of_test_results#rest_api
09:11:45 <morgan_orange> #info integration of swagger to generate accurate doc
09:11:50 <jose_lausuch> thanks
09:11:55 <morgan_orange> so if summarize for the JIRA
09:12:17 <morgan_orange> #info FUNCTEST-49 possibility to commit something, but could be tested only when solution including ONOS will be available
09:12:37 <morgan_orange> #info FUNCTEST-56 shall be possible
09:12:57 <morgan_orange> pbandzi: you could integrate a call to the API from ODL test (not very critical... :))
09:13:15 <morgan_orange> ?
09:13:18 <pbandzi> morgan-orange yes
09:13:28 <morgan_orange> #info FUNCTEST-57 shall be OK as well
09:13:36 <morgan_orange> OK for Sprint 1
09:13:46 <morgan_orange> jose_lausuch: already finished tasks of Sprint 3 I think
09:13:49 <morgan_orange> dockerization is ready
09:13:56 <morgan_orange> jose_lausuch: could you give the status
09:14:03 <jose_lausuch> yes
09:14:12 <jose_lausuch> shall I info?
09:14:15 <morgan_orange> yes
09:14:50 <jose_lausuch> #info Dockerization (which is a task in sprint 3) is already done, just attached to some future improvements, like installting needed libraries in the dockerfile and so on
09:15:04 <jose_lausuch> #info to be done: CI automatic build and push to dockerhub
09:15:40 <jose_lausuch> this is actually important, we want to build and push, but I need to talk to Fatih (who is here in Dusseldorf) about that)
09:16:05 <morgan_orange> #info regarding FUNCTEST-38 (vIMS), Valentin committed also the code, Integration tests in progress (SSH error on KF POD2)
09:16:39 <jose_lausuch> we started looking into that and that ssh error was strange
09:16:48 <morgan_orange> #info for next Sprint, I think we should add a task on the refactoring of Rally and Tempest
09:16:54 <jose_lausuch> #info ssh error could be due to a bad configuration in the jumphost
09:17:09 <jose_lausuch> morgan_orange: agreed
09:17:09 <morgan_orange> #info due to new version of Rally and fix to be done (we where testing some modules that were not deployed...)
09:17:17 <jose_lausuch> we need to make the most out of Rally
09:17:41 <morgan_orange> yes, I will create new task for Sprint 2 and attribute them to juhak and viktor_nokia, ok?
09:17:51 <juhak> ok
09:18:00 <jose_lausuch> ok
09:18:23 <jose_lausuch> we need to understand what makes sense to test from Rally
09:18:32 <morgan_orange> #info refactoring of Tempest and Rally tests to be planned from Sprint 2 assigned to viktor_nokia and juhak
09:18:35 <jose_lausuch> what do we need to change from R1 rally tests
09:19:09 <jose_lausuch> I think, boris-42 would also be very helpful for that task :)
09:19:29 <morgan_orange> yep
09:19:54 <morgan_orange> #info tets dashboard convergence: I think we are now in line with LF web team
09:20:08 <jose_lausuch> whats the latests status, morgan_orange?
09:20:16 <jose_lausuch> (I havent had time to read emails yet)
09:20:17 <morgan_orange> #info guy_rodrigue API shall be extended to include a dashboard method that will build the dashboard ready json
09:20:29 <jose_lausuch> ok
09:20:34 <morgan_orange> #info last status we forget about recoding in PHP on teh web side
09:20:46 <morgan_orange> #info we add a new method in the test_collection_api
09:21:13 <morgan_orange> #info we put the script producing the dashboard ready json in Releng and we use them for this new method
09:21:23 <guy_rodrigue> ok
09:21:39 <morgan_orange> guy_rodrigue: I will come back to you for that
09:21:44 <jose_lausuch> so who is responsible to generate the json-ready ?
09:21:47 <guy_rodrigue> no problem
09:21:48 <jose_lausuch> each test case owner?
09:22:07 <morgan_orange> #action guy_rodrigue add dashboard method in the APi + script per testcase to provide dashboard ready results
09:22:31 <morgan_orange> jose_lausuch: yes the test case owner are responsible for that
09:22:37 <morgan_orange> but we will have samples
09:22:58 <morgan_orange> basically they are the only ones able to say what they want to show...
09:22:59 <jose_lausuch> ok
09:23:04 <morgan_orange> we could have put an overall status
09:23:16 <jose_lausuch> but that was planned from the beginning like that
09:23:20 <morgan_orange> we will be able to illustrate it with the functest2Dashboard
09:23:24 <jose_lausuch> whats the difference ?
09:23:25 <morgan_orange> jose_lausuch: yes.....
09:23:30 <morgan_orange> no comment
09:23:33 <jose_lausuch> we dont push the entire json to the DB, right?
09:23:43 <morgan_orange> in the DB only the raw results
09:23:52 <morgan_orange> we build on demand the ready for dashboard json
09:24:12 <morgan_orange> ok let's move to the next topics
09:24:14 <jose_lausuch> ok
09:24:15 <jose_lausuch> thanks
09:24:29 <morgan_orange> #topic Onos
09:24:41 <morgan_orange> Qinglong: could you give us a status?
09:24:47 <Qinglong> Ok
09:25:14 <Qinglong> #info ONOS functest include 2 cases,and it already can run well
09:25:34 <Qinglong> Now the pushing DB is under working
09:26:03 <morgan_orange> you described the testcases in a wiki page?
09:26:13 <jose_lausuch> Qinglong: can you specify what the testcases do ?
09:26:26 <Qinglong> #not yet , I can do this later
09:26:30 <Qinglong> ok
09:26:47 <morgan_orange> jose_lausuch: Düsseldorf connectivity not as good as the one from Brittany :)
09:26:48 <Qinglong> The first one is northbound test of onos
09:27:02 <jose_lausuch> morgan_orange: you are always quicker :p
09:27:18 <jose_lausuch> Qinglong: testing rest api?
09:27:22 <Qinglong> include network/subnets/ports post/update/delete
09:27:25 <morgan_orange> #action Qinglong provide high level description of ONOS testcases on the wiki
09:27:45 <morgan_orange> ok so it is closed to the suite created by pbandzi for ODl and Neutron
09:27:48 <morgan_orange> cool
09:27:50 <jose_lausuch> yes
09:28:03 <Qinglong> The 2nd one is vm getonline and have a ping to each other
09:28:18 <jose_lausuch> mmmm
09:28:26 <morgan_orange> #info Onos test cases consistent with previous ODL test
09:28:34 <jose_lausuch> dont we alraedy have that?
09:28:59 <morgan_orange> the controller shall be transparent through the existing vPing
09:29:13 <jose_lausuch> if we run vPing on a installation with ODL or ONOS, we are alraedy have that test case
09:29:19 <morgan_orange> I saw that Rally was also able to run vPing like tests..
09:29:22 <Qinglong> yes
09:29:23 <jose_lausuch> so Im wondering if it will make a difference
09:29:46 <Qinglong> vping is a end to end test
09:30:09 <Qinglong> the onos test may aim to ONOS more
09:30:28 <jose_lausuch> but does it create any SDN special stuff?
09:30:30 <morgan_orange> ok let's describe it on the wiki, we could disucss later
09:30:31 <Qinglong> each case  has about  10 cases
09:30:52 <Qinglong> ok,thank you
09:30:55 <jose_lausuch> ok
09:31:45 <morgan_orange> for the wiki on R1 we created the following page https://wiki.opnfv.org/r1_vping, https://wiki.opnfv.org/r1_odl_suite, https://wiki.opnfv.org/r1_rally_bench, https://wiki.opnfv.org/r1_tempest
09:32:02 <morgan_orange> we could create new page fro R2 from https://wiki.opnfv.org/functextnexttaks
09:32:10 <morgan_orange> ok let's move to next topics
09:32:18 <morgan_orange> #topic synchro with Doctor
09:32:39 <jose_lausuch> sure
09:32:56 <morgan_orange> I know that they have their meeting at the same time..so Ryu was not sure to be available
09:33:06 <morgan_orange> abyone from Doctor on the Chan
09:33:07 <morgan_orange> ?
09:33:23 <jose_lausuch> Ildiko is at the summit :)
09:33:31 <guy_rodrigue> i'm sorry morgan_orange, i will have to leave
09:33:36 <morgan_orange> Ericsson dream tema is here...
09:33:41 <jose_lausuch> hehe
09:33:48 <jose_lausuch> I can talk to her
09:33:48 <guy_rodrigue> is there any action to discuss about collection api ?
09:34:00 <jose_lausuch> what shall I bring up for discussion?
09:34:09 <morgan_orange> guy_rodrigue: I closed some Jira and recreated some for Bugs I found
09:34:23 <guy_rodrigue> okay,
09:34:30 <guy_rodrigue> maybe a jira for unit tests as well
09:34:42 <morgan_orange> I think there is already one:)
09:34:48 <morgan_orange> but I will check
09:34:52 <guy_rodrigue> :)
09:35:07 <morgan_orange> #action check Jira for unit tests on test collection API
09:35:10 <morgan_orange> thanks guy_rodrigue
09:35:19 <guy_rodrigue> thanks morgan_orange
09:35:23 <guy_rodrigue> bye folks !
09:35:25 <morgan_orange> so no one from Doctor  but we can share the cross matrix page
09:35:29 <morgan_orange> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/feature_test_project_matrix
09:35:53 <morgan_orange> we can see that many feature projects already identified somme dependencies with us
09:36:29 <boris-42> morgan_orange:  it's in progress https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/rally+branch:master+topic:bp/vm-workloads-framework,n,z
09:36:34 <boris-42> morgan_orange: not done yet
09:36:40 <morgan_orange> #info severla projects identified needs on functest: Copper, Doctor, ONOS, OVNO (Open Contraiol) PolicyTest, Promise)
09:36:56 <morgan_orange> boris-42: thanks
09:37:03 <jose_lausuch> I can grab someone from Docotor here and ask
09:37:19 <morgan_orange> #info OpenContrail scenario shall follow the default test suite
09:37:28 <morgan_orange> jose_lausuch:  I think they are attending their own meeting
09:37:45 <jose_lausuch> I mean, later today
09:37:53 <morgan_orange> we may organize an ad hoc meeting
09:37:58 <morgan_orange> you can discuss with them
09:38:21 <morgan_orange> basically their main dependencies would be towards installer projects as they need additional components
09:38:43 <morgan_orange> we can install some 3rd party element e.g. cloudify for vIMS) but not OpenStack Component
09:38:44 <jose_lausuch> ok
09:38:51 <morgan_orange> that is my view..
09:39:05 <jose_lausuch> thats for sure, we can install testing tooling
09:39:14 <morgan_orange> Tacker for example has been requested by SFC, it shall be available, Functest would not install tacker
09:39:19 <jose_lausuch> but not stuff in the infrastructure, thats for genesis reqs
09:39:25 <morgan_orange> yes
09:39:29 <jose_lausuch> but SFC has to install it
09:40:16 <morgan_orange> #info ad-hoc IRC meeting with the different projects to be plan to anticipate their needs and see if we can help them (or not)
09:40:28 <morgan_orange> #topic AoB
09:40:36 <morgan_orange> any other topic you want to discuss?
09:40:39 <viktor_nokia> need to say that this time (9 UTC) is much more suitable for us early birds too :)
09:40:54 <jose_lausuch> not from my side
09:41:00 <viktor_nokia> I see :)
09:41:11 <jose_lausuch> no, sorry, it was an answer to morgan
09:41:18 <jose_lausuch> 9UTC is also good for me :)
09:41:35 <morgan_orange> #info consensus to adopt this slot...convenient for Asian and European contributors..
09:41:50 <morgan_orange> #info we keep the second one for our US contributors
09:41:58 <jose_lausuch> what about our US contributors?
09:42:04 <jose_lausuch> heheh, always quicker!
09:42:24 <morgan_orange> jose_lausuch:  any feedback from "The place to be" without network connectivity?
09:42:53 <jose_lausuch> well, we had our mini summit yesterday
09:42:53 <morgan_orange> not too much vendor brainwashing on NFV/SDN ? :)
09:43:02 <jose_lausuch> well, it is sometimes
09:43:29 <jose_lausuch> as feedback, maybe we have to document how to run individual tests frmo the docker
09:43:38 <jose_lausuch> not only the full  functest suite
09:43:53 <jose_lausuch> but since docker is there, its about adding some steps in the documentation
09:44:01 <morgan_orange> yep, we will have to rewrite the doc anyway
09:44:23 <jose_lausuch> and for future demos as well, if we can manage to have an offline functest it would be nicer :)
09:44:34 <morgan_orange> but I followed your doc and it was simple..
09:44:50 <jose_lausuch> what doc?
09:44:53 <morgan_orange> I am still waiting for creds on.. Orange testbed to do it as well on this lab
09:44:54 <jose_lausuch> ah, the wiki
09:44:59 <jose_lausuch> ok
09:45:13 <morgan_orange> yes
09:45:17 <jose_lausuch> great
09:45:37 <jose_lausuch> and the dependency on having an interface on the management network is a pain
09:45:37 <morgan_orange> #info docker doc to be updated to be able to launch test case one by one
09:45:41 <morgan_orange> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/functest_docker?s[]=docker
09:46:23 <jose_lausuch> boris-42: we might need your help for rally/tempest
09:46:32 <jose_lausuch> but thats another discussion, no for now
09:46:40 <viktor_nokia> BTW, I'm still waiting for LF POD VPN profile
09:46:55 <viktor_nokia> so until now can use our local setup (Foreman based Arno SR1 with 6 nodes) only
09:47:20 <morgan_orange> mmm it is very long
09:47:58 <morgan_orange> I will contact aric
09:48:06 <morgan_orange> i think you got the green light
09:48:13 <viktor_nokia> ok
09:48:43 <morgan_orange> Does nokia plan to connect some PODs to CI?
09:48:54 <viktor_nokia> not sure...
09:49:01 <morgan_orange> ok
09:49:02 <viktor_nokia> need to check
09:49:23 <morgan_orange> we will lack lab regarding the different config, and releng is also looking for resources
09:49:27 <morgan_orange> we will see..
09:49:36 <morgan_orange> so if no other question, we can close the meeting now
09:49:48 <morgan_orange> thanks for attending
09:49:54 <jose_lausuch> ok
09:50:14 <jose_lausuch> thanks all
09:50:20 <morgan_orange> let' try to finish our Sprint (it is my first one, what happens if we do not finish the tasks....)
09:50:28 <morgan_orange> :)
09:50:39 <morgan_orange> #endmeeting