17:00:28 <morgan_orange> #startmeeting Functest weekly meeting November 3rd
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17:00:34 <morgan_orange> #info Morgan Richomme
17:00:37 <jose_lausuch> #info Jose Lausuch
17:01:25 <morgan_orange> we will see if this slot is useful :)
17:01:51 <jose_lausuch> ja...
17:02:19 <morgan_orange> let's just share some info
17:02:23 <jose_lausuch> yep
17:02:26 <jose_lausuch> ok
17:02:29 <morgan_orange> #topic B-Release Status Sprint #2
17:02:35 <morgan_orange> #info good progress last week
17:02:59 <morgan_orange> #info CI back to town
17:03:18 <morgan_orange> #info issues last night but it used to work at least one time
17:03:30 <jose_lausuch> #info ODL integration test still a bit stuck, ask for providing help
17:03:31 <morgan_orange> #info integration of vIMS testcase (that also used to work at least once...)
17:04:28 * fdegir is just hanging around - have one question once you reach towards to end
17:04:31 <jose_lausuch> what else
17:04:47 <jose_lausuch> ok fdegir
17:05:31 <morgan_orange> #info Orange Pod1 and Pod2 now connected
17:06:17 <jose_lausuch> #info still missing information about the status of Montreal lab, I havent had asked yet...
17:06:27 <jose_lausuch> #AP jose_lausuch ask for montreal lab
17:06:33 <jose_lausuch> is it #AP?
17:06:52 <morgan_orange> #info compas/Onos => a priori Huawei lab
17:07:10 <fdegir> fuel will move into montreal lab once it becomes operational
17:07:11 <morgan_orange> #info Apex/X => intel POD 2
17:07:25 <jose_lausuch> fdegir: can you update/info maybe the status of that lab?
17:07:57 <morgan_orange> #info orange POD will be not fully dedicated to CI but we hope we could use it to run functest :) ..Orange-lannion will be based on joid (hopefully)
17:08:01 <fdegir> can't say much since Daniel has been trying to find out who is using what
17:08:13 <morgan_orange> #info orange POD 1 is based on fuel
17:08:23 <jose_lausuch> but is the same pod that we used for virtual deployments, right?
17:08:32 <jose_lausuch> I will ask him then
17:08:45 <fdegir> you're welcome :)
17:09:03 <jose_lausuch> thx
17:09:24 <fdegir> will add you to the mail discussion so you can see what we discussed
17:09:25 <morgan_orange> #topic preparation Summit
17:09:30 <morgan_orange> #info presentation ready
17:09:44 <morgan_orange> #great presentation from jose_lausuch ...wait and you will see
17:09:54 <morgan_orange> #info great presentation from jose_lausuch ...wait and you will see
17:10:11 <morgan_orange> jose_lausuch:  did you already look at the programm for the 9 and 10
17:10:17 <morgan_orange> there are already lots of // sessions
17:10:22 <morgan_orange> I a ma lready lost :)
17:10:48 <jose_lausuch> yes
17:10:51 <jose_lausuch> there are some...
17:11:14 <jose_lausuch> #link http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/opnfv-summit/program/schedule
17:11:35 <morgan_orange> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/events/2015-designsummit-proj-breakouts?&#project_breakouts_at_2015_opnfv_design_summit
17:11:53 <jose_lausuch> #info Functest in Depth - Jose Lausuch, Ericsson  9th at 2:00-3:00
17:11:58 <jose_lausuch> not sure about this, since it says only 20 min
17:12:03 <jose_lausuch> and they promised 1 hour...
17:12:39 <fdegir> :)
17:12:44 <fdegir> you have to speak fast
17:12:47 <fdegir> reall fast
17:12:50 <jose_lausuch> hahaha
17:12:52 <morgan_orange> I saw 1 h somewhere...
17:12:53 <jose_lausuch> yes, 50 slides...
17:12:55 <jose_lausuch> omg
17:13:00 <jose_lausuch> me too
17:13:15 <fdegir> you mixed it with book reading perhaps
17:14:14 <jose_lausuch> yes...
17:14:43 <morgan_orange> #info Monday November  9, 2015  1:20pm -  1:40pm  http://opnfvsummit2015.sched.org/event/313f026e7bccb99f03f6391d1cb53e40?iframe=yes&w=i:100;&sidebar=yes&bg=no#?iframe=yes&w=i:100;&sidebar=yes&bg=no
17:16:16 <jose_lausuch> thats exactly before mine
17:19:25 <jose_lausuch> #info Morgan talks: http://opnfvsummit2015.sched.org/speaker/morganrichomme1#.VjjskrerQuU
17:19:33 <jose_lausuch> #info Jose talks: http://opnfvsummit2015.sched.org/speaker/jose.lausuch#.VjjsfLerQuV
17:20:14 <jose_lausuch> #info Demo Theater: https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/OPNFV_Summit_demo_theater
17:20:18 <jose_lausuch> lets move on
17:20:46 <jose_lausuch> morgan_orange: are you alive? :)
17:20:51 <morgan_orange> yes
17:21:11 <morgan_orange> maybe we can stop here
17:21:16 <jose_lausuch> hehe yes
17:21:20 <jose_lausuch> fdegir: you can ask your question
17:21:21 <morgan_orange> as we can synchronize for Summit directly
17:21:25 <morgan_orange> when do you arrive in SF?
17:21:30 <jose_lausuch> Sunday evening
17:21:34 <jose_lausuch> and you?
17:22:24 <morgan_orange> same
17:22:29 <morgan_orange> I am not in the conf hotel
17:22:34 <morgan_orange> but the one just next to this one
17:22:58 <fdegir> the question is: have you decided who is supposed to report to test result DB?
17:24:24 <jose_lausuch> to report to test result dB?
17:24:29 <jose_lausuch> not sure if I get the questions
17:24:50 <fdegir> yes
17:25:03 <fdegir> can anyone push results to DB using the API
17:25:04 <fdegir> or
17:25:11 <fdegir> ?
17:25:13 <jose_lausuch> yes
17:25:19 <jose_lausuch> now its open to the world
17:25:26 <morgan_orange> for the moment yes
17:25:33 <morgan_orange> it is open to the world
17:25:37 <morgan_orange> no authentication
17:25:38 <jose_lausuch> the idea is to have some security
17:25:41 <fdegir> but for real?
17:25:44 <morgan_orange> no ip table rules
17:25:46 <fdegir> it is not about security only
17:25:46 <jose_lausuch> and only the CI labs will push results
17:25:53 <morgan_orange> I planned also to discuss that with aric
17:26:08 <fdegir> who is eligible to push
17:27:01 <fdegir> the thing I brought up before - some projects do testing behind the scenes
17:27:10 <jose_lausuch> yes
17:27:11 <fdegir> with no visibility whatsoever
17:27:19 <jose_lausuch> I also commented that last week to the test projects
17:27:24 <jose_lausuch> I will forward you the email
17:27:30 <fdegir> ok
17:27:31 <morgan_orange> VSPERF planned to push results
17:27:35 <jose_lausuch> it should be the Opnfv member labs I would say
17:27:39 <morgan_orange> I got a contact
17:27:47 <fdegir> morgan_orange: that's one of them
17:27:50 <morgan_orange> we try to evangelize on this way in the testing group...
17:27:55 <fdegir> they do their own CI setup
17:28:21 <fdegir> are you going to allow it or not
17:28:24 <fdegir> that's my question
17:28:41 <fdegir> and I have problem with that as I've written in my mail last week or so
17:28:51 <jose_lausuch> I saw it
17:29:06 <jose_lausuch> I whink we will, right?
17:29:10 <jose_lausuch> morgan?
17:29:25 <jose_lausuch> well, I havent thought about it to be honest
17:29:27 <fdegir> they never brought up their requirements and fired up their CI
17:29:30 <jose_lausuch> from that perspective
17:29:37 <fdegir> if they asked and we didn't help, that's something
17:29:47 <fdegir> but they never asked and I found out by asking questions
17:29:55 <morgan_orange> we have to discuss with maryam
17:30:03 <morgan_orange> during the summit
17:30:38 <fdegir> ok
17:30:51 <fdegir> that was all for me
17:30:56 <fdegir> and sorry for taking your time
17:31:27 <jose_lausuch> dont be sorry, we take your time much more :)
17:31:40 <fdegir> :)
17:31:45 <jose_lausuch> endmeeting?
17:31:47 <jose_lausuch> #endmeeting
17:31:53 <jose_lausuch> it doesnt work for me
17:31:54 <jose_lausuch> :)
17:32:10 <morgan_orange> #endmeeting