15:03:06 <gabriel_yuyang> #startmeeting Testperf Weekly Call 20180419
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15:03:13 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Rollcall
15:03:18 <gabriel_yuyang> #undo
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15:03:27 <gabriel_yuyang> #topic RollCall
15:03:44 <dmcbride> #info David McBride
15:03:59 <mbeierl> #info Mark Beierl
15:04:41 <gabriel_yuyang> #topic ETSI Plugtest/OPNFV Plugfest testing planning discussion
15:04:53 <Mingjiang> #info Rex
15:05:09 <gabriel_yuyang> #info https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/testperf_plugtest_plugfest_fraser
15:07:11 <gabriel_yuyang> #info During the second week, there will be a big room that holds all OPNFV and ETSI guys. OPNFV and ETSI, in general, schedule their own tracks separately. As to ETSI Plugtest, OPNFV scenarios could participate the interop sessions. In the meanwhile, ETSI Plugtest will have some OPNFV testing dedicated tracks, however, these tracks should be organized by OPNFV crew.
15:07:27 <gabriel_yuyang> #info SFC senario available for Plugtest
15:09:06 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Pierre added: separated track for Dovetail and SFC scenario will be regular interop session in Plugtest
15:11:07 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Pierre: in pre-test, vendors are doing the interoperation
15:14:19 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Georg will be there in ETSI plugtest call for the Dovetail test possibilities
15:16:50 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Pierre: Tim is working on wiki page for scenario owners participating ETSI Plugtest and Gerog will the ping the owner
15:18:00 <gabriel_yuyang> #info David: NFVben probably a good candidate for this purposed since it is released with scenario
15:18:59 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Pierre: NFVben useful and could be in OPNFV interop session
15:20:41 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Pierre: ETSI is a plugtest interop event, however, on certain test case, NFVben could be used for date traffic as inputs for, for example, auto-scaling, as a support tool
15:22:55 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Alec: should determine if the HW config could fit in NFVben's requirements
15:23:47 <gabriel_yuyang> #info David: keep in mind, this is a interop test instead of demo, should to handle gaps in order to pass
15:28:10 <gabriel_yuyang> Pierre: will provide contact to Alec and get him access to ETSI resources where Alec could ask questions
15:28:21 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Pierre: will provide contact to Alec and get him access to ETSI resources where Alec could ask questions
15:32:08 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Alec asked about the Plugfest regarding to Long duration testing
15:32:38 <gabriel_yuyang> #info xci-virtual is near ready and should review the xci-bare metal patches
15:34:01 <gabriel_yuyang> #info https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/EVNT/Fraser+Plugfest+Planning+Page
15:36:27 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Gabriel will send email asking for proposals for Plugfest Testing Track
15:37:16 <gabriel_yuyang> #topic SUT discussion for Long Duration Testing
15:40:06 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Gabriel asked Fatih about the xci-virtual and Fatih is working on creating tickets related to virutal dey and will add Gabriel add reviewer
15:40:33 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Gabriel will add testing PTLs to review the patches then
15:42:31 <gabriel_yuyang> #topic New release process
15:43:07 <gabriel_yuyang> #info working on the promotion gate
15:45:44 <gabriel_yuyang> #info David want Testperf working on the gates for latest release: 1) gate for alpha release 2) gates for final release
15:46:54 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Test framework should be qualified first
15:52:47 <dmcbride> #info I propose that we have some discussions in the TWG meeting, then plan a session at PlugFest, with the goal of leaving PlugFest with a promotion gate requirements proposal
15:54:39 <gabriel_yuyang> #action Linda and Rex look into David's requirements and be regularly fedback in Testperf meeting for the proposal in Plugfest
15:55:17 <gabriel_yuyang> #info Routine topic for the gate proposal in Testperf meeting
15:56:33 <gabriel_yuyang> #endmeeting