13:04:23 <dneary> #startmeeting Technical community discussion
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13:04:27 <dneary> #topic Wiki migration debrief
13:05:21 <dneary> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=6817397
13:07:58 <dneary> #chair mdgray
13:07:58 <collabot`> Current chairs: dneary mdgray
13:08:07 <mdgray> Thanks Dave!
13:08:35 <mdgray> #topic Wiki migration post-mortem
13:09:02 <mdgray> #info Dave Neary calls for feedback on the migration from call.
13:09:28 <mdgray> #info Low numbers on call. Do we have critical mass for this?
13:09:59 <dneary> #info None of the people involved in the migration are on the call
13:10:08 <mdgray> #info Dan asks if the migration is complete? There still appears to be some issues.
13:10:19 <dneary> #info None of the people who expressed very strong opinions about the migration are on the call
13:11:03 <dneary> #info Several issues remain: 404s on old wiki pages, and Confluence is unresponsive on Mobile interfaces.
13:11:46 <dneary> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/DC/DokuWiki+To+Confluence+Migration
13:14:29 <mdgray> +1
13:15:44 <dneary> #info dneary says that the wiki has feedback which is too general to be actionnable for the most part ("we need to communicate and plan better", etc)
13:17:20 <dneary> #info In the absence of key participants, dneary proposes adjourning this call, and getting a clear indication from people concerned whether there is interest in engaging with a post mortem. If there is not, we drop it. If there is, we reschedule.
13:19:45 <dneary> #info Al Morton makes two observations: the first is that the wiki migration has already changed the conversation around other tools (like moving away from GoToMeeting); the second is that a key misstep was not having a sandbox where people unfamliar with the tool could learn about it, and have some parallelism with the new tool and old tool available to the community at large in parallel.
13:20:04 <dneary> #info Based on general consensus about a lack of critical mass, the meeting was adjourned.
13:20:08 <dneary> #endmeeting