16:01:12 <georgk> #startmeeting NetReady weekly meeting
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16:01:27 <georgk> #topic roll call
16:01:31 <georgk> #info Georg Kunz
16:04:14 <csatari> #info Csatari Gergely
16:05:02 <csatari> #topic Gluon integration to Nova
16:05:14 <csatari> #topic Gluon integration to Nova or Neutron
16:05:36 <csatari> #info The current integration point of Gluon to Nova is deprecated.
16:06:29 <csatari> #info Not in Nova, but in Neutron.
16:07:10 <csatari> #info One option to have a specific Gluon specific port type.
16:07:35 <csatari> #info Other option is to keep using the current method and try to keep the method alive.
16:11:53 <bin_> #info Bin Hu
16:14:06 <georgk> #info bin points out that Neutron devs understand our requirements
16:14:55 <georgk> #info we need an extension mechanism for the northbound API
16:16:00 <georgk> #info it is important to realize that new use cases and serivces might come up next year
16:16:36 <georgk> #info how can we create a framework that allows us to quickly create and deploy new services
16:21:27 <georgk> #info use cases in NetReady are very specific right now
16:21:50 <georgk> #info bin stresses that we need to show the generic need for a new framework
16:29:43 <georgk> #info we need to address both levels of abstraction: current challenges based on today's use cases and a framerwork for addressing future use cases
16:31:21 <georgk> #action bin_ will add a high level argumentation for a generic framework (e.g., generic ports) to the document
16:32:55 <georgk> #info reviews for the pending patchsets are needed
16:37:17 <georgk> #info we need to make the distinction between the L3VPN functionality and the support for multiple backends clearer in the doc
16:37:46 <georgk> #action bin_ will contribute some text on the nbeed for multi-backend support
16:42:20 <georgk> #info georgk asked tomhamb to review the port abstraction use case
16:43:42 <georgk> #topic prepartion of the Gluon meeting
16:47:46 <georgk> #info PTL election should be done via  the OpenStack mailing list as we might not have access to the official voting system
16:48:56 <ljlamers_> #info Larry Lamers
16:51:08 <georgk> #info the Gluon meeting will be IRC only
16:55:40 <georgk> #info everybody should make up their mind if we can release something in Newton
16:57:25 <georgk> #endmeeting