16:06:27 <NikoHermannsEric> #startmeeting weekly SDNVPN meeting
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16:06:35 <NikoHermannsEric> #info Nikolas Hermanns
16:06:42 <rski> #info Romanos Skiadas
16:07:46 <jose_lausuch> can't join today sorry, parallel meeting
16:09:51 <ljlamers> #info Larry Lamers
16:10:47 <NikoHermannsEric> #topic Colorado3.0
16:11:45 <NikoHermannsEric> #info we will not uplift to boron in C release. ODL has a critical bug which prevents using it. The intend is to have it fixed for SR-2 but that will be too late for C3.0
16:15:12 <NikoHermannsEric> #topic opnfv - odl testing
16:21:45 <NikoHermannsEric> ovs-vsctl del-controller br-int
16:21:46 <NikoHermannsEric> ovs-vsctl set-controller br-int tcp:<ip>:<port>
16:29:24 <NikoHermannsEric> #info the new ci mechinary is started already. 5 virtual deployment can be spint up at the same time. starting takes around 5 min. Testing should take around 20 min. That would mean each 25 min 5 patches to be checked, which is far beyond our scope.
16:29:33 <NikoHermannsEric> #endmeeting