#opnfv-testperf: Testperf weekly meeting 20180104

Meeting started by gabriel_yuyang at 15:04:04 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Action item review (gabriel_yuyang, 15:04:59)
    1. gabriel has closed his ation items (gabriel_yuyang, 15:09:17)
    2. Gabriel send out email to the PTLs involved in the Long duration testing for proposal to ONS next year (gabriel_yuyang, 15:09:35)
    3. Gabriel send out email to Cedric about the gating tests to initiate the discussion (gabriel_yuyang, 15:10:08)
    4. Gabriel send out meeting invitation updated fro 2018 meeting (gabriel_yuyang, 15:10:25)
    5. Jack will come back next week with poposal for source aggregation (gabriel_yuyang, 15:10:49)
    6. Alberto will end his holiday next monday and will talk about the testing subpage then (gabriel_yuyang, 15:11:19)

  2. tesiting strategy for gating releases (gabriel_yuyang, 15:11:44)
    1. Jose metioned about the weekly set and how we should define the weekly set (gabriel_yuyang, 15:22:46)
    2. question about if it is worth to run the same tests X times in the same system? yes, we have seen in the past that sometimes running the same tests have different behaviours (jose_lausuch, 15:23:08)
    3. gabriel ask about which test set should be used for the gating test, Jose: rally smoke , tempest smoke, health check (gabriel_yuyang, 15:23:49)
    4. healthcheck, rally_sanity (LindaWang, 15:24:20)
    5. we could define later (gabriel_yuyang, 15:24:46)
    6. a few more question should be added , i.e, confidence set, duration of the test (gabriel_yuyang, 15:25:56)

  3. topics for ONS 2018 (gabriel_yuyang, 15:27:21)
    1. 1 proposal for long duration test and gabriel already sent out email to PTLs (gabriel_yuyang, 15:29:30)
    2. Botlleneks involved in Moon security test, Moon will make a proposal (gabriel_yuyang, 15:30:03)

Meeting ended at 15:31:28 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. (none)

People present (lines said)

  1. gabriel_yuyang (17)
  2. collabot (3)
  3. jose_lausuch (1)
  4. LindaWang (1)

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