#opnfv-testperf: Testperf APAC meeting 20180314

Meeting started by gabriel_yuyang at 08:08:13 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Ace (ace____, 08:08:23)

  1. Roll Call (gabriel_yuyang, 08:08:31)
    1. Gabriel Yu (gabriel_yuyang, 08:08:36)
    2. https://zoom.us/j/2362828999 (gabriel_yuyang, 08:09:19)
    3. Linda Wang (LindaWang, 08:09:27)

  2. Action Item Follow-up (gabriel_yuyang, 08:10:46)
    1. Gabriel has Broadcast the test plan and report to the community, and let people be familiar first, then develop our cooperation plan (gabriel_yuyang, 08:13:11)
    2. might need to develop some draft plan and certainly need to attend plugfest planning meeting (gabriel_yuyang, 08:14:22)
    3. "Rex send out email to David to see if there is any additional comments" is postponed to next week (gabriel_yuyang, 08:15:26)

  3. testing topic in ONS Dev (gabriel_yuyang, 08:17:11)
    1. https://wiki.lfnetworking.org/display/LN/OPNFV+Breakout+at+LFN+Developer+Forum (gabriel_yuyang, 08:17:33)
    2. 3 testing related topic in Dev Forum (gabriel_yuyang, 08:20:06)
    3. From testperf, the original plan is Scridhar and me coprresenting the long duraiton stability testing. Unfortunately, Scridhar couldn't not make it! (gabriel_yuyang, 08:20:53)
    4. In breakout session, we have HA test cases, DP benchmarking, etc. (gabriel_yuyang, 08:22:43)

  4. Some update of the long duration test (gabriel_yuyang, 08:24:26)
    1. XCI-bare metal has been successfully deployed over several PODs (gabriel_yuyang, 08:26:23)
    2. David will submit the last patch today and I will forward the link to all that involved to review (gabriel_yuyang, 08:27:03)
    3. during the review of last patch, we could start to build long duration CI (gabriel_yuyang, 08:28:17)

  5. AoB (gabriel_yuyang, 08:29:12)
    1. reminder on MS6 end March 16. Please make sure the test cases are implemented and online before MS6 (gabriel_yuyang, 08:33:46)
    2. gating release discussion could be taken in next week (gabriel_yuyang, 08:34:58)

Meeting ended at 08:40:19 UTC (full logs).

Action items

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  1. gabriel_yuyang (25)
  2. collabot` (4)
  3. LindaWang (1)
  4. ace____ (1)

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