#opnfv-testperf: Weekly Test WG Meeting

Meeting started by mbeierl at 15:08:40 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Roll Call (mbeierl, 15:08:54)
    1. Mark Beierl (mbeierl, 15:09:07)
    2. Emma Foley (efoley, 15:10:00)
    3. Alec Hothan (Alec82, 15:12:58)

  2. k8s testing (efoley, 15:13:58)
    1. Yardstick does not currently have K8s performance tests - K8s contexts are being added (mbeierl, 15:14:53)
    2. Will be equivalent scenarios but different context (ie use K8s instead of OpenStack) (mbeierl, 15:15:58)
    3. Storperf is tightly coupled with Heat, so k8s support is a while away (efoley, 15:18:01)

  3. Discussion of test document and overall cohesion of test tools (mbeierl, 15:18:36)
    1. At Plugfest a summary was put together for all the test tools (mbeierl, 15:19:17)
    2. Discussions about how to share the test tools beyond OPNFV (mbeierl, 15:19:29)
    3. Emma and Georg submitted talks to 3 conferences (mbeierl, 15:19:45)
    4. More documentation might be "forced" to occur if talks are accepted (mbeierl, 15:20:03)
    5. Do we attempt to standardize on a single test result db, or have each tool rely on its own method to report results (mbeierl, 15:24:02)
    6. Al mentions that own results are typically the most reliable way (mbeierl, 15:24:27)
    7. test results DB is a central point of failure (mbeierl, 15:24:47)
    8. test results db is becoming orphaned in that there is no real PTL, don't know where to open JIRA tickets, etc (mbeierl, 15:26:06)
    9. test results DB is being used as part of the release process: example http://testresults.opnfv.org/master/functest/status-apex.html (mbeierl, 15:27:37)
    10. the fact that it is part of the release process and no identified PTL is a concern (mbeierl, 15:27:56)
    11. Barometer running as a core part of this 'central test project' so that it is always collecting data and anyone could examine it to see what happened during a test run (mbeierl, 15:35:25)
    12. Barometer can use influx as a write source for all metrics and any read plugin (prometheus, collectd, etc,) can be used (mbeierl, 15:38:16)
    13. collectd needs to be manually installed on compute, control, etc, (mbeierl, 15:40:56)
    14. read plugins (metrics) are configured on each node and configured to send to barometer (mbeierl, 15:42:02)
    15. compute nodes KVM metrics are more interesting, than say control nodes (mbeierl, 15:43:10)
    16. Barometer upstreamed ansible scipts for the containers and made plugins (mbeierl, 15:44:05)
    17. Yardstick and Barometer could be looked at as key areas for standardisation/integration between the test projects (efoley, 16:01:58)

Meeting ended at 16:03:25 UTC (full logs).

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  2. efoley (4)
  3. poutine15 (4)
  4. collabot (4)
  5. Our (4)
  6. issyl018 (4)
  7. Alec82 (1)

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