15:07:32 <acm> #startmeeting testperf
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15:07:42 <acm> #inof Al Morton
15:07:50 <acm> #info Al Morton
15:07:52 <mj_rex> #info Rex Lee
15:08:22 <Srao> #info Sridhar Rao
15:11:27 <acm> #agenda
15:11:40 <acm> #topic agenda
15:12:07 <ollivier> #info C├ędric Ollivier
15:12:29 <acm> #Info may need to delay discussion of Akraino Framework (no topic leaders present, yet)
15:14:00 <georgk> #info Georg Kunz
15:15:33 <acm> #info cedric -- big gap between XCI and OPNFV installers, namely no barometer support -
15:16:09 <acm> #topic Relaese gates
15:16:25 <acm> #info cedric -- big gap between XCI and OPNFV installers, namely no BAREMETAL support - correction
15:16:32 <mbeierl> I cannot seem to get into the Zoom meeting - what is the URL?
15:16:40 <mbeierl> #info Mark Beierl
15:17:00 <mj_rex> https://zoom.us/j/5014627785
15:17:26 <acm> #info georg - if we run out of installers in opnfv, baremetal support could be added if community needs it, but
15:17:35 <mbeierl> ok, I am having network issues then - it keeps telling me there is an HTTPS error with it.
15:18:16 <acm> #info cedric - at end of day, XCI is not an installer - Orange tried with a patch,
15:19:48 <acm> #info cedric's question: should we build another installer from scratch? to start from XCI, it's not ok without bware metal
15:21:41 <georgk> #info the community could also consider re-using latest open source tools such as Openstack-helm or Airship.
15:22:13 <acm> #info need volunteers for test case descriptions (see notes)
15:22:42 <georgk> #info in this case XCI would provide the CI/CD related mechanisms (gating, promoting artifacts, etc.) and for deployment leverage oen of the deployers mentioned above
15:23:00 <acm> #info cedric Functest has the tests...
15:23:55 <acm> #info cedric's POV - may reach Openstack level of quality checking - do not degrade from there.
15:25:31 <acm> #cedirc Functest has defined the gates to verify the workflow process , and checks the patches == jenkins +1, applies same rules as Openstack
15:26:12 <acm> #info cedric don't increase beyond what Functest is doing.
15:26:21 <ollivier> #link https://build.opnfv.org/ci/view/functest/job/functest-latest-gate/80/
15:27:35 <acm> #info cedric don't DECREASE beyond what Functest is doing, for the Release process, all the tests are not new!!
15:29:18 <ollivier> #info ollivier Functest verified all changes for each change. We can trust it.
15:30:01 <acm> #info cedric - need to discuss whether installers can select the test cases.
15:30:30 <acm> #info cedric can't allow XCI to select the test cases --
15:31:56 <acm> #info Cedric OPNFV community selects the test cases - should be executed by ALL installers - or we will loose OPNFV's benefits.
15:32:39 <acm> #info that's the last word on this!
15:32:58 <ollivier> #info link http://testresults.opnfv.org/functest/gambia/ (Section Collect Results)
15:33:04 <ollivier> #undo
15:33:12 <ollivier> #link http://testresults.opnfv.org/functest/gambia/
15:35:15 <acm> #topic Akraino - X-testing Cedric presented in Paris
15:36:11 <acm> #info could re-use cross-testing  - a python framework --- CI/CD from a YAML file
15:37:10 <acm> #info quick demo was presented Paris -
15:39:03 <georgk> ollivier we cannot hear you
15:39:12 <ollivier> georgk: idem.
15:39:37 <ollivier> georgk: I'm disconnected
15:39:46 <acm> #info cedric presented slides from - but we lost audio on Zoom
15:44:42 <acm> #info X-testing is for managing the interaction with CI/CD and a dev can easily deploy your own CI/CD for local testing
15:45:40 <acm> #info already in use in Functest of course.
15:47:32 <acm> #info cedri ran the demo with 7 commands described on the OPNFV wiki page for XTesting
15:50:22 <acm> #Info page title; Deploy your own Xtesting CI/CD tool chain:  https://wiki.opnfv.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=32015004
15:52:22 <acm> #info - does not require any System under test...
15:54:45 <acm> #info - it is part of OPNFV strategy to permit On-demand deployent of CI/CD
15:58:20 <acm> #info ONAP is very interested in the X-testing , Akaino considering it as well.
16:01:33 <acm> #info cedric : can mix and match the functional tests - wants to integrate performance tests - need to understand the dependencies!
16:01:54 <acm> #info about MORE than OPNFV...
16:03:19 <acm> #info cedric - facilitates dovetail integration - all tests integrated in the same way...  Talk on Re-use of X-testing at ONS - NA
16:05:30 <acm> #info  Sridhar, VSPERF and Rex, Yardstck will be at ONS to discuss -
16:06:31 <acm> #info cedric suggests to install on your laptop to get started.
16:07:28 <acm> #info Rex will will host meeting in next 2 weeks - perhaps further discussion of this topic and Akraino
16:07:36 <acm> #endmeeting