#opnfv-testperf: Test work group bi-weekly meeting

Meeting started by mj_rex at 15:00:39 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Roll call (mj_rex, 15:00:47)
    1. Rex (mj_rex, 15:00:51)
    2. Georg Kunz (georgk, 15:04:00)
    3. David McBride (dmcbride, 15:05:33)

  2. Test tool packaging and deployment for consumption by other communities (mj_rex, 15:09:41)
    1. David: improve usability of test tool of OPNFV to be reused by other communities e.g. ONAP, Akraino (mj_rex, 15:11:20)
    2. David: it's profitable and opportunity for OPNFV to output assets from OPNFV (mj_rex, 15:12:16)
    3. Trevor: it's a right thing to do, but it's still in need of manpower to implement it (mj_rex, 15:15:44)
    4. David: suggest to set a unconference session about this in this ONS (mj_rex, 15:22:42)
    5. ACTION: Trevor would set up the session and David would forward it in ONAP (mj_rex, 15:24:29)

  3. Support for Dovetail / OVP in XCI (mj_rex, 15:25:07)
    1. OVP is still an assets of OPNFV and LFN (mj_rex, 15:26:45)
    2. OPNFV is losing some installers recently (mj_rex, 15:27:07)
    3. Dovetail depends on Functest, Yardstick and Bottlenecks (mj_rex, 15:27:46)
    4. David: in order to validate Dovetail itself, it may need a installer to set up the stack (mj_rex, 15:30:54)
    5. David: ask about how does test framework consumed by XCI (mj_rex, 15:37:30)
    6. Trevor and Davide will be there (mj_rex, 15:40:18)
    7. and also Pierre (mj_rex, 15:40:57)
    8. David: Dovetail need to have the support of XCI for the long run (mj_rex, 15:46:07)

Meeting ended at 15:47:04 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. Trevor would set up the session and David would forward it in ONAP

People present (lines said)

  1. mj_rex (21)
  2. georgk (7)
  3. collabot (3)
  4. dmcbride (1)

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