#opnfv-armband: 29Jul2016armband

Meeting started by bobmonkman at 14:04:15 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Alexandru Avadanii (Enea) (AlexAvadanii, 14:05:16)
    2. Vijayendra Radhakrishna (Cavium) (Vijayendra_, 14:05:37)
    3. Florin Dumitrascu (florind, 14:06:02)
    4. Ciprian Barbu (ciprian-barbu, 14:07:34)
    5. Madhu (Cavium) (Madhu, 14:08:13)
    6. Bob Monkman (bobmonkman, 14:09:59)
    7. Pod1 is going to be dedicted CI Main next week, Monday Aug 1 (bobmonkman, 14:10:47)
    8. Fuel intergation on track (bobmonkman, 14:11:09)
    9. Functest test status from Ciprian- cirrus fix has been done and merged (bobmonkman, 14:11:58)
    10. this should get past the HealthTest blocker and we can continue soon on the Functest (bobmonkman, 14:12:34)
    11. Ciprian pushed fixes to allow memory size needed by Tempest in Docker image for Fuel have been submitted (bobmonkman, 14:14:00)
    12. updated Docker Image to use the newere version to pick up Rally/tempest fixes (bobmonkman, 14:14:29)
    13. next big task for Functest is fixing the vIMS Cloudify issue, Florin working on this (bobmonkman, 14:17:07)
    14. Cloudify dependencies have been identified and scoping out the work to port these to ARM (bobmonkman, 14:17:46)
    15. Florin in touch with vendor who oversees Cloudify now and sending questions to them to make progress (bobmonkman, 14:20:25)
    16. no other hurdles in Functest anticipated. (bobmonkman, 14:22:32)
    17. a resource is back on Yardtsick and we should see some results next week (bobmonkman, 14:23:05)
    18. DIscussion on Medium Risk assessment of Armband with Medium Risk (bobmonkman, 14:49:32)
    19. I am talking to Tim on Apex installer porting (if that's what can be called) on Thunder (Madhu, 14:49:53)
    20. Tim's commented that the DIB has to support ARM64 ramdisk creation - we might have to get in touch with TripleO for this (Madhu, 14:50:40)
    21. risk assessed due to comment on closure of JIRA issues. Flroin will do a review arely next week and close any issues that can be but we do not believe there are major problems here (bobmonkman, 14:50:47)
    22. some JIRA issues had an inapproporiate priority and are being adjusted. (bobmonkman, 14:51:16)
    23. there will be no Armband meeting next week dues to Arm Partner Meeting. Next meeting is Aug 12 (bobmonkman, 14:51:45)
    24. Florin will attend Tuesday Release meeting to address any issues (bobmonkman, 14:52:10)
    25. Bob will work with Cavium to get dates for updated servers. (bobmonkman, 14:58:00)

Meeting ended at 14:58:05 UTC (full logs).

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  1. bobmonkman (21)
  2. Madhu (4)
  3. AlexAvadanii (4)
  4. collabot (3)
  5. florind (2)
  6. Vijayendra_ (1)
  7. ciprian-barbu (1)

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