#opnfv-armband: 14Jul armband

Meeting started by bobmon01 at 14:09:48 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. bob monkman (bobmon01, 14:09:58)
    2. Alexandru Avadanii (Enea) (AlexAvadanii, 14:09:59)
    3. Danabe 3 will be tagged today on schedule (bobmon01, 14:10:56)
    4. plans are in place for 2 additional full pods (bobmon01, 14:14:07)
    5. short discussion on XCI kickoff meeting (bobmon01, 14:17:27)
    6. confirming armband will tag Danube 3 today (bobmon01, 14:18:15)
    7. TSC wants Armband rep to attend TSC to discuss MS3 Excetpion status (bobmon01, 14:19:26)
    8. Alex will work on a status update for the TSC meeting. (bobmon01, 14:24:00)
    9. MCP is working on x86 virtual pods (bobmon01, 14:30:09)
    10. We can build a virtual deploy on ARM as well (bobmon01, 14:30:54)
    11. The Salt master is working on ARM and so this will allow ARM jump servers for future (bobmon01, 14:31:33)
    12. next step is to provision the OS on virtual pod with 5 VMs on Cavium servers (bobmon01, 14:32:13)
    13. new MCP will use MAAS (metal as a service) and this will be in common with what JOID uses (bobmon01, 14:32:46)
    14. we should be able to deploy emulated VM and run Functest (basic) them and meet the MS5 milestone (bobmon01, 14:34:00)
    15. we will move on to bare metal after MS5 and ARM will be breaking new ground here (bobmon01, 14:35:17)
    16. should make it much lower maintenance of Fuel@OPNFV in future with more common x86 and ARM support (bobmon01, 14:37:54)
    17. brief discussion about Apex and JOID installer support. (bobmon01, 14:49:31)
    18. it is clear that we need to move to a newer kernel to make Apex/CentOS work efficiently in Armband. Bob will work with Apex team upon Dan's return (bobmon01, 14:50:56)
    19. we will attend TSC meeting on 18Jul to discuss our status on MS5 E-release and convene again for Armband meeting 28Jul. (bobmon01, 14:51:59)

Meeting ended at 14:52:05 UTC (full logs).

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People present (lines said)

  1. bobmon01 (20)
  2. collabot (3)
  3. AlexAvadanii (1)

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