#opnfv-armband: 26Jun2017

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Meeting summary

    1. Cristina Pauna (CristinaPauna, 14:58:04)
    2. bob monkman (bobmon01, 15:07:39)
    3. next miletsone MS5 is about 5 weeks away (bobmon01, 15:08:39)
    4. Helath check is working but many functests are not working on x86 or Arm, but shoul dbe worked out over coming weeks- not unexpected (bobmon01, 15:09:25)
    5. Armband intends to support roughly 5 scenarios (bobmon01, 15:15:39)
    6. discussion on miixed pods (bobmon01, 15:17:39)
    7. Alex indicates that we can start working on mixed pods at anytime but it will be a slow process (bobmon01, 15:18:56)
    8. not a hard process, but a fair amount of planning and working thru the items (bobmon01, 15:19:31)
    9. Some folks have suggested that we could do a virtual controller and bare metal compute nodes (bobmon01, 15:20:12)
    10. need to decide on jump server and mix of controller and compute nodes. (bobmon01, 15:24:42)
    11. Alex will do some investigation before next meeting (bobmon01, 15:25:18)
    12. We also need to discuss which Arm Compute nodes in the mixed pod (bobmon01, 15:28:36)
    13. we ultimately think the most appropriate compute nodes are NXP LS2, OcteonTx, Marvell (bobmon01, 15:31:04)
    14. we will need to pick the right HW based on kernel , ODL, OVS version (bobmon01, 15:37:00)
    15. discussion topic ONS developers day (bobmon01, 15:39:31)
    16. Cristina will brainstorm with team on topics and motivation to attend ONS developer days- Mixed Pods, VPP integration etc (bobmon01, 15:40:18)

Meeting ended at 17:35:07 UTC (full logs).

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  1. bobmon01 (18)
  2. AlexAvadanii1 (12)
  3. joekidder (4)
  4. collabot (3)
  5. CristinaPauna (1)

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