#opnfv-meeting: Weekly Technical Discussion

Meeting started by bin_ at 13:01:15 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Bin Hu (bin_, 13:03:56)
    2. rprakas (rprakash, 13:04:00)
    3. rprakash (rprakash, 13:04:10)
    4. Aimee Ukasick (bin_, 13:04:39)
    5. Dan Druta (bin_, 13:04:47)
    6. Leon Wang (bin_, 13:04:56)
    7. Data protection service for OPNFV (rprakash, 13:07:30)
    8. Dan Radez (bin_, 13:08:07)
    9. Dave Neary (bin_, 13:08:13)
    10. focus on developing use cases, requirement documents, and test cases (rprakash, 13:08:18)
    11. Karbor in OpenStack as the main upstream project for Rescuer to start with (rprakash, 13:09:34)
    12. Use cases etc. will be submitted as blueprints to upstreams (bin_, 13:12:52)
    13. https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Karbor (rprakash, 13:13:29)
    14. based on requirements gathering for OPNFV modules like SDN controllers, Karbor in upstream will be extended to support the same (rprakash, 13:16:30)
    15. https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/availability/High+Availability+For+OPNFV (rprakash, 13:17:27)
    16. Bryan suggested collaboration with HA project for data protection (bin_, 13:19:49)
    17. It is suggested to socialize with HA PTL Qiao Fu (bin_, 13:22:20)
    18. If we can particpate directly in HA by socialize with fuqiao will help (rprakash, 13:22:26)
    19. Bin and Bryan both want Leo to look at particpating along with HA project (rprakash, 13:24:30)
    20. Dave indicated that data protection (or data high availability) seems to be part of HA in nature. But HA's focus may not be data HA (bin_, 13:29:23)
    21. The question is which approach will be the best for the success of data protection - part of HA, or standalone project (bin_, 13:30:21)
    22. There is no answer yet (bin_, 13:30:32)
    23. Those topics are added as standing agenda (bin_, 13:43:53)
    24. we will start with certification program and dovetail next week Nov 10 (bin_, 13:44:18)
    25. meeting adjourned (bin_, 13:44:26)

Meeting ended at 13:44:29 UTC (full logs).

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  2. bin_ (18)
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