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Meeting started by mackonstan at 15:03:36 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Vratko Polak. (vrpolak, 15:03:38)
    2. Dave Wallace (dwallacelf, 15:03:46)
    3. Tibor Frank (tifrank, 15:04:01)

  1. Agenda bashing (mackonstan, 15:04:13)
  2. Inputs from projects - VPP (mackonstan, 15:04:43)
    1. Andrew, v20.01 releasing today, so far so good. (mackonstan, 15:05:10)
    2. Andrew, v21.01 releasing today, so far so good. (mackonstan, 15:05:24)

  3. Inputs from projects - VSAP (mackonstan, 15:05:47)
    1. Dave, update from Florin, VSAP project is moving to better integration for VPP and NGINX. (mackonstan, 15:08:54)
    2. https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/csit/+/30944 <-- latest VSAP movement in CSIT, still marked as Work In Progress. (vrpolak, 15:09:48)
    3. Dave, Florin, to track progress on VSAP and provide readout to CSIT meeting (mackonstan, 15:11:01)

  4. Releases - CSIT-2101 (mackonstan, 15:11:25)
    1. Tibor, ready to take vpp v21.01 artefacts to start testing for report (mackonstan, 15:12:36)
    2. Tibor, almost all v20.09 tested in the current env. are completed (couple are in progress) (mackonstan, 15:13:03)
    3. https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/csit/+/30278 (NAT44ed: Add pure throuhput bidir tests) <-- still waiting for review. (vrpolak, 15:13:09)
    4. Tibor, if all goes well, first rls data can be published on Monday (mackonstan, 15:13:26)
    5. Tibor, updated report TODO list sent to csit-dev, mainly static content: new tx2 testbed, methodology sections, rls_notes (mackonstan, 15:14:37)
    6. Vratko, late arrival tests to make their way into job_specs: ip4-rnd, ip6-rnd, … (mackonstan, 15:17:04)
    7. Vratko, re RCAs, looking at dry run results, only nat44ed udp cps results fluctuating … investigating that (mackonstan, 15:19:07)
    8. Vratko, on a side, some more anomalies and "action" going on in master trending, to be investigated … (mackonstan, 15:20:05)
    9. Maciek, two late test arrivals: i) nat44ed throughput, ii) async crypto (mackonstan, 15:22:35)
    10. Maciek, re async crypto, reviewed live with the authors, they accepted redesign proposal and implementing (mackonstan, 15:24:02)
    11. https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/csit/+/30039 (mackonstan, 15:25:19)
    12. docker garbage collection run manually yesterday (sudo docker system purge -af) -- will add a periodic cron job to do this for all nomad hosts (dwallacelf, 15:26:20)
    13. Maciek, re DC move, no new info from Vexxhost, awaiting updates (mackonstan, 15:27:41)
    14. CI-MAN forked by LF after broken upgrade. (pmikus, 15:31:19)
    15. New Jenkins executors Centos 8 ready for ARM, Ubuntu 20.04 ARM in progress (to convert make test) (pmikus, 15:34:12)
    16. No strategy yet for Centos deprecating (pmikus, 15:34:45)
    17. Juraj tried Centos8 on ARM on sandbox. so far so good but little bit slower (pmikus, 15:35:49)
    18. VPP-device back in blue ball strike. Issue with OOM fixed. Lesson learned (pmikus, 15:42:33)
    19. Intel x710 issue vpp_device ...need to send gentle remainders (pmikus, 15:50:44)
    20. TWS call on Friday was about monitoring - productizing in progress (pmikus, 15:52:09)
    21. Moving Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 20.04, to be done in stages eg. 1) Container images, 2) Perf, 3) backend infra (nomad). Each stage requires evaluation of new issues arrived (pmikus, 15:53:24)
    22. Optimization  of PAPI socket - postponed (pmikus, 15:54:22)
    23. GPL - so far solved by new tox jobs, no new activity (pmikus, 15:54:37)
    24. Latency graph being updated based on feedback. (pmikus, 15:54:56)

Meeting ended at 16:01:59 UTC (full logs).

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People present (lines said)

  1. mackonstan (22)
  2. pmikus (14)
  3. collab-meetbot (4)
  4. vrpolak (3)
  5. dwallacelf (2)
  6. tifrank (1)

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