#fdio-csit: FD.io CSIT project meeting

Meeting started by mackonstan at 15:03:42 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Juraj LinkeŇ° (jlinkes, 15:04:04)

  1. Agenda bashing (mackonstan, 15:04:21)
    1. Vratko Polak. (vrpolak, 15:04:35)
    2. Andrew, docker images disappeared for device jobs for today. (mackonstan, 15:04:39)
    3. Peter Mikus (pmikus, 15:04:53)

  2. inputs from projects VPP (mackonstan, 15:04:58)
    1. Andrew, v21.01 shipped, smooth. (mackonstan, 15:05:11)

  3. Inputs from TSC (mackonstan, 15:05:42)
    1. Vratko, some progress on Scapy/licensing situation on VPP (mackonstan, 15:05:55)

  4. Releases CSIT-2101 (mackonstan, 15:07:44)
    1. Tibor, looking good, tests are running, many have finished, master report contains latest data. (mackonstan, 15:08:53)
    2. Tibor, enough data to do RCAs. (mackonstan, 15:09:18)
    3. Vratko, data looks same as in RC2, seeing regression in nat44ed cps, but need more data and free testbed to narrow it down. (mackonstan, 15:10:12)
    4. Tibor, re static content in report, some updates still OPEN in methodology and rls notes sections. (mackonstan, 15:11:16)
    5. Vratko, nat44ed thput tests still in review, tests are impacted by nat44ed cps regression. (mackonstan, 15:12:30)
    6. Vratko, Maciek, IPsec async tests, waiting for contributors to address comments. (mackonstan, 15:13:20)
    7. Maciek, Tibor, we are on target to publish report on target next Wed. (mackonstan, 15:13:47)

  5. Physical Infrastructure (mackonstan, 15:14:08)
    1. Maciek, no updates re MTL1, MTL2 to YUL1 migration, complete radio silence from Vexxhost. (mackonstan, 15:15:43)
    2. Dave, some docker images got accidentally deleted affecting device jobs. Restored now thx to Peter. (mackonstan, 15:17:52)
    3. Peter, monitors are reporting high cpu util for nomad servers (mackonstan, 15:22:38)
    4. Peter, backend systems monitors (Nomad servers) in place, alerts sent to #fdio-infra-monitoring in slack (mackonstan, 15:26:30)

  6. Environment, Framework (mackonstan, 15:27:45)
    1. Dave, VPP builds for ubuntu 20.4 blocked by issues with Arm (mackonstan, 15:28:03)
    2. Peter, re move to Ubuntu 20.04, can prepare ansible in parallel and then use 3n-hsw perf testbeds once free from rls testing (mackonstan, 15:31:53)
    3. Vratko, re PAPI optimizations, email sent to vpp-dev "Faster PAPI". (mackonstan, 15:34:46)
    4. Peter, as part of upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04, may consider upgrading other parts of the stack, on both TRex and SUTs (e.g. NICs firmware). (mackonstan, 15:37:57)

  7. Performance Tests (mackonstan, 15:38:45)
    1. Tibor trending pages, added geneve tests (mackonstan, 15:39:26)
    2. Vratko, nothing significant seen in trending, no big regressions/failures (mackonstan, 15:39:44)

  8. Fd.io Events (mackonstan, 15:45:44)
    1. Maciek, FOSDEM 2021 CSIT talk, Day: Sunday 7th February 2021, Start: 13:20, End: 13:55 CET (mackonstan, 15:46:06)
    2. https://fosdem.org/2021/schedule/event/sdn_terabit_csit/ (mackonstan, 15:46:16)
    3. Vratko, aiming at new contributors, it would be good to formalise the maintainers areas of responsibility. (mackonstan, 15:58:19)

Meeting ended at 15:58:43 UTC (full logs).

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