#fdio-csit: FD.io CSIT Project Meeting

Meeting started by mackonstan at 14:02:31 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Tibor Frank (tifrank, 14:02:34)
    2. Vratko Polak. (vrpolak, 14:02:35)
    3. Juraj Linkeš (jlinkes, 14:02:39)
    4. mackonstan (mackonstan, 14:02:55)

  1. Agenda bashing (mackonstan, 14:04:23)
  2. Inputs from projects - VPP (mackonstan, 14:04:38)
    1. Andrew, working with Peter on root cause AVF test failures in rc1 that are not present in master (mackonstan, 14:05:21)

  3. Inputs from projects - VSAP (mackonstan, 14:05:39)
    1. Dave, nothing new. Original main tests got merged. Still need to address the PAL layer and report content. (mackonstan, 14:06:09)
    2. Dave Wallace (dwallacelf, 14:07:06)
    3. Dave, sketch together a plan to address the VSAP PAL and report results presentaiton (mackonstan, 14:07:22)

  4. Inputs from projects - TSC (mackonstan, 14:07:30)
    1. Maciek, distributed draft v0 of vendor funding proposal to participating vendors and Ed, Trishan. After initial review, it will be distributed to TSC. (mackonstan, 14:11:16)

  5. Physical Infrastructure (mackonstan, 14:16:17)
    1. Maciek, Peter, still waiting for CLX processor to replace faulty part, RayK tending to it, working thru shipping issues (mackonstan, 14:17:15)
    2. Dave, re git clone failure case, still happening but rarely, suggested physical infra change / optimization (removing wireguard tunnels from the path) is to be applied after VPPv21.06 and CSIT-2106 ship. (mackonstan, 14:18:30)

  6. Virtual Infrastructure, CI/CD (mackonstan, 14:19:14)
    1. Dave, continuing to fix intermittent vpp make test failures: arm, stats clients, … (mackonstan, 14:20:08)
    2. Dave, Peter, re move away from Nexus to S3, S3 is now enabled in the sandbox for logs (mackonstan, 14:23:38)
    3. Maciek, Dave, need to check with Vanessa what's the situation with docs, and what is the plan to moved to readthedocs.io (mackonstan, 14:24:04)

  7. Performance Tests (mackonstan, 14:25:35)
    1. Peter, investigating memif failures, found few vpp memif patches that may be the root cause, working with Damjan (mackonstan, 14:26:05)
    2. Peter, rc1 avf failures, suspecting missing cherrypicks from master (mackonstan, 14:26:25)
    3. Vratko, vhost failures likely related to CSIT patch for rxq allocation change, only 4c tests affected (mackonstan, 14:27:10)
    4. Vratko, something new happened in nat44ed, more tests failing again (mackonstan, 14:28:02)
    5. Vratko, Andrew, Peter, Maciek, discussion about how to address a single worker tests in vpp_device (mackonstan, 14:31:28)

  8. rls2106 (tifrank, 14:32:19)

Meeting ended at 14:49:25 UTC (full logs).

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  1. mackonstan (25)
  2. collab-meetbot (6)
  3. tifrank (3)
  4. vrpolak (1)
  5. jlinkes (1)
  6. dwallacelf (1)
  7. fan_zhang (1)

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