#fdio-meeting: FD.io CSIT Project Meeting

Meeting started by mackonstan at 14:02:11 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Dave Wallace (dwallacelf, 14:02:16)
    2. Fan Zhang (fan_zhang, 14:02:16)
    3. Peter Mikus (pmikus, 14:02:21)
    4. mackonstan (mackonstan, 14:02:23)
    5. Vratko polak. (vrpolak, 14:02:27)
    6. Tibor Frank (tifrank, 14:02:43)

  1. Agenda bashing (mackonstan, 14:02:51)
  2. Inputs from projects - VPP (mackonstan, 14:03:09)
    1. Andrew, no updates. (mackonstan, 14:03:43)

  3. Inputs from projects - VSAP (mackonstan, 14:03:57)
    1. Dave, no updates. (mackonstan, 14:04:03)

  4. Inputs from projects - TSC (mackonstan, 14:04:08)
    1. See emails about committer-at-large self-nomination email thread. (mackonstan, 14:04:52)
    2. Dave, Ray and Dave, re Scapy related relicensing, going thru the process, tracking people for OK'ing updated copyright notices. (mackonstan, 14:05:49)

  5. New and refactor tests (mackonstan, 14:06:11)
    1. Peter, re flow "offload" patch, NICs installed, but hitting some glitches. E810 NIC models installed are different, one of them has 1p100GE, instead of required 2p100GE. Vexxhost ticket open. The patch to enable multi-NIC support is in test. (mackonstan, 14:09:01)
    2. Fan, re flow "offload" patch, perf tests, Yulong back next week, will start working on it. (mackonstan, 14:10:16)
    3. Vratko, IPsec SPD flow cache, 1st patch merged, need to work out additions to job specs. The other 2 patches are waiting for VPP code. (mackonstan, 14:11:38)
    4. Peter, re TRex b2b loopback calibration tests, progressing nicely, should be ready for review & merge soon. (mackonstan, 14:12:11)
    5. Vratko, re L2 and IP scale tests, going ahead with individual VAT exec calls as a the fastest way to get the tests going. Ole is working on a VPP side to improve serialisation of PAPI. (mackonstan, 14:16:35)

  6. Release CSIT-2110 (mackonstan, 14:20:19)
  7. Release CSIT-2106 (mackonstan, 14:20:43)
    1. Tibor, pushed the maintenance report version, incl. updated latency graphs (with FVL firmware fix), latency comparison tables, and previously missing test results (mainly Arm), updated rls notes based Vratko's RCA analysis. (mackonstan, 14:21:47)
    2. Vratko, re RCAs, 4 issues total, only 1 VPP issue, related to nat44ed CPS regression. Remaining 3 issues are CSIT env related: DUT Ubuntu 20.04 change related (1. 10-20% performance degradation for MLX, 2. hard limit of 38 Mpps aggregate throughput for DUT (both for VPP, DPDK apps) ), 3. rxq configuration related affecting tests with small (mackonstan, 14:27:17)
    3. Fan, already have a WIP change for VPP, but not fixing the issue. (mackonstan, 14:33:30)

  8. CSIT-2101.1 maintenance (mackonstan, 14:35:11)
    1. Tibor, Dave, already started the tests. Skeleton of the report already prepared. (mackonstan, 14:36:04)
    2. Tibor, only running iterative tests. (mackonstan, 14:36:56)

  9. Physical Infrastructure (mackonstan, 14:37:03)
    1. Peter, old hw got decommissioned. (mackonstan, 14:38:30)

  10. Virtual Infrastructure, CI/CD (mackonstan, 14:39:52)
    1. Dave, vinfra stable (mackonstan, 14:40:50)
    2. Dave, 08-Sep date set for relocating Internet-ingress, Jenkins-master from MTL-1 to our new location YUL-1. (mackonstan, 14:41:39)
    3. DAve, Peter, migration to S3 progressing. External dependency on LF tools. (mackonstan, 14:45:11)
    4. Dave, re docs, unifying VPP docs generation. (mackonstan, 14:47:33)
    5. Peter, patch ready for csit docs in s3. (mackonstan, 14:48:21)
    6. Dave, open the ticket re build-failure-analyzer Jenkins plugin (mackonstan, 14:49:39)
    7. https://jira.linuxfoundation.org/plugins/servlet/theme/portal/2/IT-22658 (dwallacelf, 14:49:40)

  11. Environment, Framework (mackonstan, 14:49:58)
    1. re Intel driver FW compatiblity matrix, should use DPDK compatibility matrix for (dpdk,i40e,fw) as a main reference, but this leaves out the linux iavf driver. (mackonstan, 14:52:12)
    2. Fan, Dave, Maciek, Peter, agreed for Intel team to confirm fw compatiblity with iavf driver on the ongoing basis. (mackonstan, 14:54:58)
    3. Viliam, re csit-report emails - errors markup, change merged, should see in report emails as of tomorrow (mackonstan, 14:56:15)

Meeting ended at 14:57:43 UTC (full logs).

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  2. collab-meetbot` (4)
  3. dwallacelf (2)
  4. fan_zhang (1)
  5. pmikus (1)
  6. vrpolak (1)
  7. tifrank (1)
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