#fdio-meeting: FD.io CSIT Project Meeting

Meeting started by mackonstan at 14:01:33 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Vratko Polak. (vrpolak, 14:03:25)
    2. Dave Wallace (dwallacelf, 14:06:33)
    3. Fan Zhang (fan_zhang, 14:06:42)
    4. Peter Mikus (pmikus, 14:07:17)
    5. mackonstan (mackonstan, 14:07:31)
    6. Tibor Frank (tifrank, 14:07:37)

  1. Agenda bashing (mackonstan, 14:08:06)
  2. Inputs from projects - VPP (mackonstan, 14:08:16)
    1. rc1 branch pulled, on schedule (mackonstan, 14:08:24)

  3. Inputs from projects - VSAP (mackonstan, 14:08:33)
    1. Dave, no updates (mackonstan, 14:08:43)

  4. Inputs from projects - TSC (mackonstan, 14:08:50)
    1. Maciek, vendor funding agreement for fd.io lab got voted in, Ray raising a point about adding more TSC members, noting Arm (mackonstan, 14:11:15)

  5. New tests, refactored tests (mackonstan, 14:11:37)
    1. Fan, E810 flow "offload" vpp device tests, working with 4 rxq (didn't work with 8 rxq), unclear why it didn't work with 8 rxq. (mackonstan, 14:12:42)
    2. Juraj Linkeš (jlinkes, 14:15:54)
    3. Fan, looking to have both dpdk and avf drivers, for the same test, ~23 tests, adding ~5 min to job execution time (mackonstan, 14:16:14)
    4. Juraj, re SPD flow cache patches, no update, found some inconsistencies of how the inbound and outbound rules are applied, confirmed with Neale, and now looking to submit a VPP patch to adjust/correct this (mackonstan, 14:18:01)
    5. Viliam, TRex b2b loopback tests, all complted and merged now (mackonstan, 14:19:00)
    6. Tibor, adding to weekly jobs execution and trending (mackonstan, 14:19:11)
    7. Vratko, IP scale tests, spent considerable amount of time of trying to use VAT2, in vain, VAT2 is broken, so sticking to CLI. Notified Ole about VAT2 issues. (mackonstan, 14:21:13)
    8. Vratko, note that IPsec 60k tunnel scale tests with VAT + exec are also failing due to the overall timeout … (mackonstan, 14:24:20)

  6. Releases CSIT-2110 (mackonstan, 14:27:35)
    1. Tibor, no major issues, few glitches, started rc1 tests, started dpdk and vpp 2106 retest after TG servers FVL fw update by Peter; first results expected Monday (mackonstan, 14:29:24)

  7. Physical Infrastructure (mackonstan, 14:30:45)
    1. Peter, finishing the upgrade of FVL firmwares and drivers on all TG servers, one NIC down tb24 awaiting Vexxhost onsite assistance to swap. (mackonstan, 14:32:26)
    2. Peter, implemented 1GB hugepages, with selector of 2MB vs 1GB hugepages in vpp startup.conf (mackonstan, 14:33:31)
    3. Peter, Maciek, Vratko, agreed to move ASAP/now ahead with FVL firmware and driver upgrades for SUTs for x86. (mackonstan, 14:39:20)
    4. Juraj, trying it also on Arm testbeds (mackonstan, 14:40:14)
    5. Maciek, missing ICX supermicro hw is not expected in the lab until mid November (mackonstan, 14:41:25)

  8. Virtual Infrastructure, CI/CD (mackonstan, 14:41:36)
    1. Dave, post mortem of last week outage completed, was due to routing misconfiguration and FD.io traffic using inter-site wireguard tunnel (mackonstan, 14:43:05)
    2. Dave, no issues since then (mackonstan, 14:43:13)
    3. Peter, Tibor, s3 content types and rendering fixed for read-the-docs (mackonstan, 14:44:03)
    4. 33690: Docs: Discussion on oper branches | https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/csit/+/33690 (vrpolak, 14:47:26)
    5. Peter, Dave, gerrit links to s3 logs was fixed by Vanessa, but not entirely, url is still not resolving, Peter to follow up with Vanessa (mackonstan, 14:47:33)
    6. Vratko, patch with proposal about "refreshed" operational branches is updated now based on comments, 33690: Docs: Discussion on oper branches | https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/csit/+/33690 (mackonstan, 14:48:57)
    7. https://gerrit.fd.io/r/c/csit/+/33690 (mackonstan, 14:49:04)
    8. discussion about the merit of the proposal vs existing operational model (mackonstan, 14:57:15)

  9. Environment, Framework (mackonstan, 14:58:11)
  10. Trending (mackonstan, 14:58:20)
    1. Maciek, few tests keep failing, mainly high scale nat44ed tests (mackonstan, 14:58:36)
    2. Vratko, VPP AVF RSS fix is in place, results are visible in trending (mackonstan, 14:58:57)
    3. Vratko, Maciek, should review small scale ipsec tests e.g. replace 4 tunnel tests with 40 tunnels … (mackonstan, 15:00:55)

Meeting ended at 15:01:09 UTC (full logs).

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  1. mackonstan (40)
  2. collab-meetbot (4)
  3. vrpolak (2)
  4. dwallacelf (1)
  5. fan_zhang (1)
  6. pmikus (1)
  7. tifrank (1)
  8. jlinkes (1)

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