#opnfv-meeting: dovetail weekly meeting

Meeting started by hongbo1235 at 14:00:37 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. hongbo (hongbo1235, 14:01:36)
    2. Jun Li (MatthewLi, 14:02:31)
    3. Wenjing (Wenjing, 14:03:00)

  1. Review of the Dovetail Danube plan outline (hongbo1235, 14:03:30)
  2. Agenda (dneary, 14:06:36)
    1. Danube plan document review (dneary, 14:06:40)
    2. Trevor Cooper (trevor_intel, 14:06:44)

  3. Danube plan review (dneary, 14:07:20)
    1. https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/dovetail/Dovetail+Danube+Plan (hongbo1235, 14:07:40)
    2. Timeline and milestones: Wenjing asks how we agree. ChrisPriceAB says that we need people assigned to objectives if we agree to a milestone plan (dneary, 14:09:27)
    3. ChrisPriceAB needs to sync with Jose re milestones before committing (dneary, 14:09:52)
    4. Scope, strategic approach - there appear to be some open questions on the scope and certification testing. This section is in scope for the CVP and the C&C committee (dneary, 14:15:02)
    5. https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/dovetail/CVP+document (dneary, 14:17:16)
    6. SUT for OPNFV Dovetail: SUT is VIM + NFVi + hardware. Defined pre-test state, with no opinion on how systems get to this state. Development tooling is not part of the SUT (dneary, 14:17:22)

  4. Test strategy document (dneary, 14:23:51)
    1. Lots of comment on the test strategy document to date (dneary, 14:24:05)
    2. We need to summarise input to date and update test requirements document (dneary, 14:24:31)
    3. That will need community review after modification (dneary, 14:24:47)
    4. Action item: Update test requirements document based on feedback on mailing list, wiki page (additional brainstorming), summarise points raised for review (Dave) (dneary, 14:28:10)
    5. Action item: Draft test strategy document (define scope of tests, initial state of SUT, test execution environment, tools, ...) (Chris Price) - review in 2 weeks (March 24) (dneary, 14:31:54)
    6. test requirements update ASAP (ideally, agreement of committers after community review by March 17) (dneary, 14:32:24)

  5. Scope and precise details of test cases (dneary, 14:40:55)
    1. Question as to what is our "upstream" for tests. (dneary, 14:42:20)
    2. We need a superset of possible tests and need some clarity on which interfaces we test against, particularly for SDN (Neutron interfaces only, no native SDN controller interfaces) (dneary, 14:44:09)
    3. Chris feels we need more clarity on what exactly "Neutron NB interfaces" includes and does not include. (dneary, 14:44:41)
    4. Action item: Chris to take the task of clarifying networking interfaces to be tested in Dovetail (dneary, 14:45:02)
    5. Do we have common agreement that NFV use-case based test cases should be included in scope for compliance? There is some discussion (dneary, 14:47:33)
    6. For test cases we develop, we can document the sequences of API test cases that combine for a higher level test case. Tests should be better defined than "you must pass vPing tests" - define platform capability we are attempting to validate. (dneary, 14:51:33)
    7. Feedback that many SUTs have no gate upstream for things like multiple devices, support for specific hardware (eg 10G ethernet) - we should ensure that we are also including tests for features that telcos are asking for from platform vendors (dneary, 14:52:11)
    8. We may need some longer calls in coming weeks to review test cases as they become ready (dneary, 14:54:54)
    9. ChrisPriceAB proposes that we need to close on test case requirements before reviewing specific test cases for inclusion (dneary, 14:59:06)
    10. Agreement that test case requirement review and test strategy document are prerequisites for reviewing test cases (dneary, 15:02:01)

Meeting ended at 15:03:12 UTC (full logs).

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  2. hongbo1235 (9)
  3. collabot` (7)
  4. Wenjing (2)
  5. trevor_intel (1)
  6. MatthewLi (1)
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