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Meeting started by GeraldK at 14:03:06 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Bryan Sullivan (bryan_att, 14:04:12)
    2. Ryota Mibu (r-mibu, 14:04:22)
    3. Bertrand Souville (bertys, 14:04:27)
    4. Gerald Kunzmann (GeraldK, 14:04:32)
    5. Peter Lee (corenova, 14:04:32)

  1. Report from ETSI NFV TST and OPNFV hackfest (GeraldK, 14:06:29)
    1. ClearPath participated in ETSI NFV TST session to report on YANGFORGE tool (GeraldK, 14:07:21)
    2. see slideset ETSI_NFV_11_yangforge.pptx (GeraldK, 14:09:55)
    3. update on Promise OPNFV hackfest (corenova, 14:17:37)
    4. due to 5 parallel sessions and only few persons joining the Promise session, there had not been progress on Promise during the hackfest. (GeraldK, 14:18:15)
    5. deadline for OPNFV hackfest session at OpenStack Summit is this Wednesday. promise should propose a session. (GeraldK, 14:19:09)
    6. Peter had met with Intent project and thinks this is another important topic (GeraldK, 14:20:44)
    7. raised point on flavor framework and how it will align better with other domains beyond compute, such as network/quantum (corenova, 14:22:53)
    8. https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Neutron/FlavorFramework (bertys, 14:27:09)
    9. Bryan_att: what we look at is reservation for future usage at higher granularity (GeraldK, 14:29:54)
    10. Peter: resource reservation is not about a contract, but more like a dialogue: I want to reserve some resources in the future and get informed if somehting happens and the reservation cannot be fulfilled (GeraldK, 14:33:06)
    11. Bryan_att mentions this can be seen as a kind of contract (GeraldK, 14:33:31)
    12. "reservation/allocation priority" vs. "higher tier resources" (GeraldK, 14:35:03)
    13. we need to look into policies, e.g. which resources to terminate to allow for reserved resources to be allocated. (GeraldK, 14:36:21)
    14. first step is to describe logic around reservation. those "error cases/policies" are second step (GeraldK, 14:37:40)
    15. Bryan_att: discussed with YANG experts in his company. can people directly contribute on github? (GeraldK, 14:39:52)
    16. Peter: not yet. (GeraldK, 14:41:32)
    17. Peter suggests that YANGFORGE could become its own OPNFV project and be used as OPFNV cross-project (GeraldK, 14:43:50)
    18. GeraldK asks Peter to share title and abstract for OPNFV Summit by today, such that team can review before submitting it on Wednesday (GeraldK, 14:45:43)
    19. Bryan_att also proposed some presentation for the Summit, maybe parts can be merged. (GeraldK, 14:47:21)

  2. YANGFORGE demo (bertys, 14:47:47)
    1. https://github.com/clearpath-networks/yangforge (bertys, 14:48:48)
    2. Peter is giving tool walk-through using yukebox example (GeraldK, 14:54:31)
    3. as example, adding a new API in ODL is a very long workflow compared to yangforge (GeraldK, 14:58:42)
    4. Peter plans to create a second project for Promise, but some changes are needed (planned for this week) (GeraldK, 15:09:48)
    5. Bryan_att: coffee script is used to describe server-side processing. can other expressions also be used? yes, JS is also possible. (GeraldK, 15:11:01)
    6. coffee script gets compiled into JS (GeraldK, 15:11:18)
    7. ClearPath plans to do an "app store" where developers can share their modules. (GeraldK, 15:16:59)

  3. AOB (GeraldK, 15:17:52)
    1. Ryota: can you build authentification / access-control in yangforge? not yet. (GeraldK, 15:18:27)
    2. ACTION: Peter to share title and abstract for OPNFV Summit by today (GeraldK, 15:21:42)
    3. Peter looking for volunteers to address the open action items from last weeks. some of them could be expressed as Jira tickets. (GeraldK, 15:26:12)

Meeting ended at 15:27:20 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. Peter to share title and abstract for OPNFV Summit by today

People present (lines said)

  1. GeraldK (34)
  2. corenova (8)
  3. collabot (6)
  4. r-mibu (5)
  5. bertys (5)
  6. bryan_att (1)

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