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Meeting started by ildikov at 17:00:53 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Gerald Kunzmann (GeraldK, 17:05:30)
    2. Ildiko Vancsa (ildikov, 17:05:39)
    3. ACTION: Ildiko to contact Debra w.r.t to Yardstick requirement for Promise - DONE. no need to work on Yardstick but only Functest (GeraldK, 17:08:06)
    4. ACTION: Ilidkov will reach out to former Blazar core to check whether they are still interested - Seems there is still activity (GeraldK, 17:08:25)
    5. Blazar cores are still active (ildikov, 17:08:26)

  1. Shim-Layer and Promise Bhramaputra integration (GeraldK, 17:09:54)
    1. functest integration seems to be complete. results are stored in FuncTest DB. (GeraldK, 17:10:22)
    2. https://wiki.opnfv.org/promise_brahmaputra_page (GeraldK, 17:11:36)
    3. licensing info #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/developer/contribution_guidelines (ildikov, 17:15:59)
    4. Gerald will reach out to Chris and Stuart on this (GeraldK, 17:21:46)
    5. also check about author vs copyright (GeraldK, 17:21:58)

  2. Integrated Architecture discussion (GeraldK, 17:24:55)
    1. Gerald proposes to create specific sub-tasks for the next steps (GeraldK, 17:25:25)
    2. ildikov mentions we should start updating the Blazar code (GeraldK, 17:25:47)
    3. work on Nova is still more far away, may not be able to address this in Newton (GeraldK, 17:26:18)
    4. one patch available on Keystone (GeraldK, 17:27:27)

  3. clean-up of Jira tickets (GeraldK, 17:30:57)
    1. https://jira.opnfv.org/projects/PROMISE/issues/PROMISE-42?filter=allopenissues (GeraldK, 17:31:08)
    2. keep PROMISE-66 open and discuss further during the C-release (ildikov, 17:36:40)
    3. also keep PROMISE-39 open and use it for issues we might have during the C-release (ildikov, 17:37:26)
    4. PROMISE-27 will be the umbrella for the the Blazar related tasks (ildikov, 17:42:42)
    5. PROMISE-19 will remain open until the OpenStack Austin Summit and we will decide about it later (ildikov, 17:43:24)
    6. PROMISE-10 should be a high priority for the upcoming weeks (ildikov, 17:45:22)
    7. IFA doc has been changed recently, so PROMISE-11 is closed now, we might need a new task later for the same prupose (ildikov, 17:47:22)
    8. we closed OpenStack simulation and live demo items as those were for Summit preparation last year (ildikov, 17:50:39)
    9. Peter describes that PROMISE-31 is a stretch goal (ildikov, 17:51:10)
    10. it should be investigated further during the C-release (ildikov, 17:51:31)
    11. PROMISE-18 is done (ildikov, 17:51:50)
    12. PROMISE-17 is left open, target is the B-release (ildikov, 17:52:21)

  4. AOB (GeraldK, 17:55:05)
    1. OPNFV hackfest at ONS Summit March 14-15 (GeraldK, 17:55:44)
    2. participation still unclear for most (GeraldK, 17:57:19)
    3. consider OPNFV Summit proposals until end of March including possible demos (ildikov, 17:58:54)
    4. consider session for the OpenStack Summit (ildikov, 17:59:38)
    5. ACTION: Gerald to check next week's slot in the meeting invitation (ildikov, 18:02:19)

Meeting ended at 18:02:30 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. Gerald to check next week's slot in the meeting invitation

People present (lines said)

  1. ildikov (23)
  2. GeraldK (19)
  3. collabot (5)
  4. ArturoM (0)

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