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Meeting started by GeraldK at 09:02:41 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Carlos Goncalves (cgoncalves, 09:04:36)
    2. Bertrand Souville (bertys, 09:04:50)
    3. Arturo Martin (ArturoM, 09:06:14)
    4. Ildiko Vancsa (ildikov, 09:06:22)

  1. Promise Colorado Planning (bertys, 09:09:16)
    1. https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/promise/Promise+Colorado+planning (bertys, 09:09:27)
    2. we will discuss Jira tickets and ETSI alignment work today (ildikov, 09:09:40)
    3. Promise-71 no progress (ArturoM, 09:10:45)
    4. Ildiko has bandwidth issues and will remove her name from the Fuel plugin ticket for now to allow others to chime in (ildikov, 09:11:01)
    5. Devstack plugin is able to start services, the work needs to be continued to make the services viable (ildikov, 09:13:29)
    6. Carlos is volunteering to check Blazar status, he will check Jira 67, 68, 69 and add info to the tickets (ildikov, 09:14:53)
    7. Promise-11 new date is May13 (ArturoM, 09:15:44)
    8. Promise-10 new date is May 13 (ArturoM, 09:16:49)
    9. Ildiko: I think Peter wanted to move the functionality up to the orchestrator layer, but not sure, I requested Peter to start a mail thread on this (ArturoM, 09:18:12)
    10. we will check later whether we want to define test cases for Blazar or not for Colorado (ildikov, 09:22:02)
    11. Promise-11: Arturo will upload patch in Gerrit with the updates in the document (ArturoM, 09:33:20)
    12. Promise-11 gap analysis: no notifications supported yet in Promise, we don't see much need to update the shim layer to fill gaps (ArturoM, 09:34:44)
    13. Ashiq says we should plan for the Austim and the opnfv summits (ArturoM, 09:38:24)

Meeting ended at 09:39:42 UTC (full logs).

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People present (lines said)

  1. ArturoM (8)
  2. ildikov (6)
  3. collabot` (6)
  4. GeraldK (5)
  5. bertys (4)
  6. cgoncalves (1)
  7. r-mibu (0)

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